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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 29 May, 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 29 May, 2021

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Interstellar wars, deadly games, and steadfast protectors fill this week’s list of new releases.

Blue Sun Armada – Scott Moon

War is coming.

Duke Uron Marlboro led his mighty house to victory in the Zezner war. The last thing he expected was for his allies to turn on him.

With a new civil war brewing, the Duke and his family have one option to survive the king’s wrath—

They must flee.

Will they survive the political games of their past? Can they escape their doomed planet and find a new place to thrive before their once great house is destroyed… forever.

Genesis (Holy War #1) – Rick Partlow

First contact gone wrong…

It was every starship captain’s nightmare, and for Travis Miller, it was his own personal hell.

He’d done everything by the book, but when the Tahni had attacked him and his crew, there was no choice but to return fire and destroy the first alien vessel humans had ever encountered.

Excoriated in the press, his career in shambles, Travis is exiled to a long patrol of the outer colony worlds. Forgotten, except as a bad example…until the Tahni prove him right by declaring war on the human Commonwealth.

Now, Travis Miller is the tip of the spear. Humanity’s best hope for turning back an overwhelming assault on human space.  Because to the Tahni, humans are infidels and this is a holy war…

Level Up or Die – Joshua Lisec and Adam Lane Smith

To tear down the system . . .

. . . He’s got to level up

Condemned by the media circus of a People’s Republic of California court, Donny is plugged into a deadly game as entertainment for the brutalized masses.

Tormented over failing his father, Donny realizes honor hangs in the balance.

His family’s fate lies in his hands.

Donny must battle through a cutthroat digital world to free thousands of political prisoners and bring down the corrupt system. But the future’s most ruthless killers stand in his way.

Can Donny’s wits and unbreakable spirit get him out alive?

Responsibility of the Crown (The Endless Ocean #1) – G. Scott Huggins

“She is your responsibility.”

Responsibility doesn’t know why her dragon mother left her with the crew of the Century Ship Ekkaia. She doesn’t know why she has wings instead of arms, nor her real name. All she knows is that Ekkaia’s crew keeps her as little better than a prisoner.

She has long since given up hope of her mother’s return, but when the Ekkaia rescues a shipwrecked man whose face resembles her own, she finally has the key to unlock the door to her past.

Beyond that door, she discovers a home she never knew existed, threatened by an unimaginable foe. When she stumbles upon a deadly plot, she must risk a return to captivity or see all that she loves destroyed.

Can Responsibility put aside all she has been to become all she was supposed to be?

Space Strike (Space Race #3) – Nathan Hystad

Invasion is imminent. Loyalties are tested.

Arlo Lewis faced the enemy and survived. Barely. What they found at Refuge would change the future of mankind forever, but will it be enough to save Earth?

When Preston Lewis’s true motives become clear, Arlo must choose between his friends and his grandfather.

Bryson Kelley is a man on a mission, and his desire to bring his loved one from the clutches of the enemy might bring humanity’s ultimate downfall.

Space Strike is the explosive conclusion to Space Race you won’t want to miss.

Star Empires (Ascension Gate #5) – Justin Sloan

The final book in the complete Ascension Gate series.

An ancient evil was dispelled, and guardians appointed to see it kept at bay. The universe was safe… for the time being. This evil has now awakened, and it is without a doubt the return of Apophis.

A Marine excitedly joins the elite teams out in space, but soon learns he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Even more so when he goes off to battle the enemy and finds himself and another young sergeant behind enemy lines.

We’re all doomed if Earth command and those out on the front lines can’t find a way to stop the enemy before it’s too late.

The Street Survivors (Four Horsemen: Guild Wars #12) – Ian J. Malone and Chris Kennedy

Brothers look out for brothers. Usually…

With the Merc Guild opening up contracts again, it’s Zuul eat Zuul to get one as there are far more companies looking for work than there are contracts to be had. So when Taylor Van Zant gets an inside line on a 30-million-credit contract for Swamp Eagle Security, he races to Karma to throw his hat in the ring.

Unfortunately, Taylor arrives to find that the other North Florida mercenary company—the River Hawk Defense Group —is also bidding, and Taylor is forced to watch as they steal the contract out from under the Eagles. Which might have been a good thing, Taylor finds out later, as the River Hawks return beaten and bloodied from it.

But only half of the River Hawks returned…the other half disappeared. And if there’s one thing Taylor stands for, it’s solidarity with his mercenary brothers, even when they may not have done him a good turn to start with. So, with only a fraction of his company available, Taylor decides to go find out what happened to the missing people. It’s what brothers do.

But what he finds will make him rue that decision and draw him firmly into the Guild Wars.

A Warrior’s Burden (Saga of the Known Lands #1) – Jacob Peppers

He was once known as Prince Bernard, ruler of his people and the man who led them in the Fey War against creatures out of myth and legend, beings out of nightmare. A man renowned for his strength, a man feared by his own people as much as his enemies. But there are other names for him, too. Kingslayer. Oathbreaker. Traitor. The Crimson Prince.

Now, he is simply Cutter, a man who arrived at the village of Brighton, a small place on the outskirts of the Known Lands, where men and women brave the harsh temperatures and freezing winds to survive. A man who brought with him a past full of regrets and an infant child, one he swore to protect.

With an entire kingdom against him, with the Fey stirring restlessly in the Black wood, eager for revenge, a lone warrior, once a prince, will be forced to take up his axe once more to protect the youth. To keep his promise.

It is heavy that axe, that promise, but he carries it, as he must. It is the price of his sins.

It is a warrior’s burden.

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