Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 3 October, 2020

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Cyberpunk mercenaries, not-so immortal cultivators, and the crime mysteries of Ray Bradbury adorn this week’s new release list.

The Acheron – Rick Partlow

Sandi and Ash never set out to be heroes.

She joined the Fleet to please her mother, the Admiral. He signed up to escape the grinding poverty of the Housing Blocks.

And the unlikely friends envisioned boring, peacetime careers as shuttle pilots. The Tahni Imperium had other ideas…

Caught in the desperate fury of the Battle for Mars, the two young pilots wind up the last defense against an alien armada, but their war is just beginning. Recruited to fly the Fleet’s newest weapon in this new war, they take the fight deep into the heart of the Imperium and battle not just against the enemy but against incompetent leadership and ineffectual tactics.

Can the unconventional strategies of a pair of hotshot young pilots change the course of the war? And when the time comes that a choice has to be made between duty to command and loyalty to a friend, which of the two will be willing to make one last flight alone…

Dragontiarna: Crowns – Jonathan Moeller

The boldness of the Shield Knight has won a respite for the realm of Andomhaim, but the Heralds of Ruin still threaten to unleash catastrophe.

Ridmark Arban must prepare to face the Heptarchy and its legions of fanatic orcs, but the gathered forces of Andomhaim may not be enough to resist the iron fist of Warlord Agravhask.

Tyrcamber Rigamond leads the men of the Empire against the Fallen Order, but the necromancers have prepared a sinister trap for him.

One that might bring final victory for the Heralds of Ruin…

Killer, Come Back To Me: The Crime Stories of Ray Bradbury – Ray Bradbury

Celebrating Ray Bradbury’s centennial, a deluxe illustrated commemorative collection of his finest crime stories — tales as strange and wonderful as his signature fantasy.

Time travelers…dark carnivals…living automata…and detectives? Honoring the 100th birthday of Ray Bradbury, renowned author of Fahrenheit 451, this new, definitive collection of the master’s less well-known crime fiction, published in a high-grade premium collectible edition, features classic stories and rare gems, a number of which became episodes of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS and THE RAY BRADBURY THEATER, including the tale Bradbury called “one of the best stories in any field that I have ever written.”

Is it murder to destroy a robot if it looks and speaks and thinks and feels like a human being? Can a ventriloquist be incriminated by the testimony of his own dummy? Can a time traveler prevent his younger self from killing the woman they both loved? And can the survivor of a pair of Siamese twins investigate his own brother’s murder? No other writer has ever rivaled the imagination and narrative gifts of Ray Bradbury, and the 20 unforgettable stories in this collection demonstrate this singular writer’s extraordinary range, influence and emotional power.

Legacy (Baldwin’s Legacy #6) – Nathan Hystad

New allies. New enemies. New life.

Admiral Thomas Baldwin has more to live for after the recent news. All eyes are on him as the biggest war in Concord Space history begins in earnest.

Captain Treena Starling is sent to stop High Elder Wylen’s allies from wreaking havoc on their already weakened partners.

Ven Ittix is torn between his people and the Concord, and is offered something he could never have imagined.

Lark Keen makes a decision that will affect the outcome of the Concord forever.

Legacy is the end of an era. But to many, it’s just the beginning…

The Silicon Road (Singularity Sunrise #2) – Kit Sun Cheah

As West Africa recovers from economic collapse, Anatol Corporation sees new opportunities. Central to Anatol’s plans is the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor, the silicon road that unites the region’s megacities. It is virgin territory, promising rich rewards—and hidden dangers.

Anatol sends their trump card: Eden, the world’s first sapient AI, embedded in their sales team. Escorting them is psychic contractor James Morgan and his team of elite bodyguards from Lithsman Security Solutions.

When they arrive, the job goes sideways.

Hunted by criminals and mercenaries, Eden, Morgan and the Lithsmen are drawn into a shadowy world where megacorp intrigue and superpower ambitions collide. To survive, they must turn the tables against an invisible enemy in an unfamiliar land.

Powerful interests want Anatol out of Africa. But who? And why?

The truth lies at the end of the silicon road.

If they survive long enough to get there.

A Thousand Li: the Second Expedition – Tao Wong

Even the great may fall.

Wu Ying’s idle winter, one filled with training and recovery, is throw awry when his Master and Elder Yang return, injured. The Three Seasons poison fills Master Cheng’s veins, slowly killing the powerful Elder. His only hope – a rare antidote. But the ingredients for such an antidote are scarce and located in the deepest wilds.

Together, Wu Ying and Elder Yang take it upon themselves to embark on a Second Expedition to acquire the necessary materials. It would be a dangerous journey through the State of Wei normally, but in the shadows, enemies await to finish the job. Wu Ying is once again pitched against dark forces as a Sect war looms.

The Second Expedition is book 4 of the A Thousand Li series which focuses on immortal cultivation, eastern philosophy, wondrous martial art styles and spirit beasts. The series draws upon the long tradition of wuxia and xianxia works and will thrill those looking for such high flying fantasy.

Wayward Galaxy – Jason Anspach and J. N. Chaney

The future isn’t what they expected.

A company of Army Rangers are sent on an interstellar colony ship to secure a foothold on a dangerous, alien planet through violence of action. Leaving behind a warring Earth flung headfirst into a conflict of mutual assured destruction, the Rangers and the accompanying crew of first colonists are guided on a 40-year journey by an unprecedented artificial intelligence.

But when they emerge from the frigid embrace of cryosleep, they awake to a nightmare, finding themselves greeted by the same ruthless enemy that brought about the ruin of Earth. Alone on a dangerous, alien planet and with no hope of rescue or relief, the military colonists are forced to finish the war they thought they’d left behind. And in an unknown galaxy, friends and enemies alike prove to be much more than they seem.

Zero.Hero 2 – J. D. Astra

Terra’s Heroes are zeroes no more.

For Claire and her RPG hero friends, the spring semester was loaded with PR interviews, sponsorship requests, and paparazzi. Summer has come and it’s finally their chance to unwind in Italy.

Or is it?

The Hero Olympics will test Claire on and off the field as an evil plot unfolds in the shadow of the games. Augur’s visions can only get them so far as Terra’s Heroes fight not just to claim victory for their guild, the Stewards of Light, but to foil the plans of an unknown agent who’s pulling the strings of the massive corporation XHRI, an Olympic sponsor.

The line between friend and foe will blur as Claire navigates new waters of fame and fandom. Can Terra’s Heroes prevent the games from falling into the grip of a deadly plot, or will they succumb to the wiles of their mysterious enemy?

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    Having lived in both Abidjan and Lagos, I had to buy The Silicon Road.

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    Dragontiarna series is very good!

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