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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 30 April 2022 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 30 April 2022

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The First Step (Cultivator vs. System #1) – Valerios

“Screw the System. I just want to Cultivate.”

Long Fang is stranded in a foreign world where proper cultivation has been replaced by annoying blue screens. He is confused and alone… but not for long.

Completely ignoring the System, he forms a wholesome sect of followers to spread cultivation across the wild world. Blue screens do not take kindly to rejection, however, and Long Fang’s stubbornness soon finds him pitted against increasingly dangerous foes.

To overcome the System tribulations, he must quickly grow stronger and wiser… But first, he needs to get past that one annoying town guard.

Liberty or Death (The Exiled Fleet #6) – Richard Fox

Commodore Gage leads a final, desperate attempt to save Albion.

A fragile alliance stands against the Daegon. Star nations with decades of war and hatred between them must unite against the invaders who will conquer them all without mercy. When Gage must destroy a key enemy installation, his coalition could crumble before the first shot is fired.

As that battle rages, Albion is dying. Her people crushed beneath the occupier’s heel, losing all they are as they’re turned into little more than slaves and cannon fodder for their oppressors.

Albion needs heroes, and Gage must find a way to free his home world before all is lost. There will be liberty or there will be death.

Mastering Magic (Jeff the Game Master #3) – Jaime Castle and Troy Osgood

What happens when the world’s most realistic game becomes more real than reality?

Logout button disabled, Jeff and crew find themselves stuck until they can defeat King Tom and the rogue patcher. The mystery still looms: who is behind Infinite Worlds’ attack?

Dan Shaklee, CEO of Hard Rock Data, makes discoveries with implications beyond anything he could’ve ever imagined.

King Tom, having assimilated nearly all of IW’s Principalities, has continued his onslaught. This time, creating an army of adorable but vicious Vorpal Rabbits, he has issued a command to the Dragon’s Banes: find and destroy all before they end the world.

Jeff, along with Dak, Jeweliette, Oliver, Torvi, Snapdragon—oh, and despite everyone’s desires, Crush and Vilecutter—must traverse the underground bunny burrows to put and end to it all.

It’s a race against time. Tensions are high. Patience is thin. Will they do it before their TerraMount systems give out and their mortal bodies follow?

Quite Possibly Allies (Freeman Universe #2) – Patrick O’Sullivan

They can only hang him once.

Associate Engineer Macer Gant doesn’t want much from life. A brew or two, pretty girls, three square meals and an honest job working the big iron, pushing a big load, in a big sky. There’s no in-system tug bigger than Truxton’s Tractor Four Squared, and no better gig than propulsion engineer. Life isn’t just good. It’s great.

Great, until a plague ship tears into Trinity space, a dead hull arrowing straight for the nic Cartaí shipyard and the thousands living and working there. Only Four Squared can stop it. But the captain won’t, not just because he hates nic Cartaí, but because doing so would reveal what Four Squared can really do.

Macer must choose between hanging for failing to render aid or hanging for mutiny. Which has to be the easiest choice in the world. No way is he dangling before lighting up Four Squared’s hidden monster, and without at least whispering the ageless war cry of his wrench-wielding tribe.

Hold my beer. I got this.

Too Old To Die – John Walker

Gareth Weston feels old. After a lifetime as a soldier, he’s retired to a quiet part of Earth where he expects to live out the rest of his days in quiet tranquility. With the universe at peace, he experiences a sense of uselessness. Long hikes in the woods only go so far in keeping him busy and active.

Sometimes, fate isn’t content to allow obscurity to set in. When a mysterious force descends upon Earth, Gareth learns how battered his body has become. What starts off as a threat to his small community swiftly escalates as the invaders obliterate major cities. With few chances for survival, and only a rogue doctor as an ally, Gareth must find a way to escape his home.

Or die trying.

Viridian Gate Online: Perdition – E. C. Godhand

PvP can be real cutthroat. Especially if your lives are numbered and hell knows your name.

Dr. Liset Chen vowed to save her world from the Darklings’ influence, but when divine will directs her to Ankara and the Fighting Pit of Kar’Kun—a coliseum that pits the Priest against monsters and other Travelers alike—she must win the tournament and successfully clear a dungeon rumored to be a gateway to Morsheim itself…one no team has returned from.

With her lover on the rival team and only one respawn left, Liset must prove her conviction, leadership, and faith are enough to seize this last chance to eliminate a source of Darkling power, even if it risks her own damnation.

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