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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 4 April, 2022 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 4 April, 2022

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The Hallowed War – T. E. Bakutis

Drafted into a private army, he must fight monsters… or be hunted as one…

A century after the Break destroyed much of the world, the wealthy island nation of Dios stands alone as a paradise for those than remain… so long as they aren’t poor and homeless.

For street orphan Grant Riven, life is a series of kicks to the face. Until exposure to a powerful mutating agent gives him super strength, passive-regeneration, and the ability to use powerful weapons.

The downside? Lots of other people have mutated as well, except they’re insane and want to eat everyone.

After he’s recruited by Cloud Nine Engineering, the most powerful corporation in Dios, Grant is labeled “Hallowed”–the fancy name for his new mutation–and drafted into a war against the Mutes, the cannibalistic mutants overrunning Dios.

The deal is simple. In exchange for risking his life to fight monsters, Cloud Nine will provide him with the cure that keeps him from becoming a monster himself.

Imperial Gambit (Archangel One #3) – Evan Currie

The Empire, in it’s refusal to be dissuaded from hostilities, have placed the fledgling Terran Allance and their Priminae Allies into a corner from which there seems no reasonable escape.

Steph and his Archangels continue their mission deep within the enemy territory, posing as mercenaries and pirates to gain intelligence on the Imperial command but as they go deeper and learn more, little of what they gather seems good. The Imperial push for war has a deeper root than anyone expected, and Steph does not like what he is learning.

While his young Protégé and friend conducts one mission, Eric Weston is embroiled in another. His efforts have held the Empire at bay despite their tenacious attempts at probing into the space controlled by Earth and the Priminae, but he knows that it cannot last. The enemy has too many ships, and is willing to spend far too many lives to further their goals… but even Eric Weston is not ready for just how far this enemy will take things.

The Empire has super weapons of their own.

Peace can only exist so long as all sides are in accord… War, however, only requires one dissenter.

The Empire Dissents

Redacted Weapon (Four Horsemen: Rise of the Peacemakers #11) – Kevin Ikenberry and Kevin Steverson

Peacemakers. The Galactic Union’s most capable enforcers and resolute negotiators, their name alone elicits fear and awe among the Union’s citizenry.

In the aftermath of the Guild War, the trail of Kr’et’Socae has gone cold. Young Peacemakers Jyrall and Larth continue their search with the intent to bring the disgraced Enforcer to justice. With new intelligence in hand, they make a move on a known associate and the game’s afoot once more.

Cora McCoy and the Blue Ridge Kin have completed their initial mission on the ocean world Krifay only to have their contract terminated by the Crusaders. Forced off world, Cora and her friends join the Peacemakers on the pleasure planet Prestone with the intent of taking down the mysterious Hatfield and getting one step closer to Kr’et’Socae.

On the way to bring down Hatfield, though, they discover a corrupt, inhumane racing system which pits a group of normally docile aliens in a dangerous and deadly race for a stolen effigy. With little choice, the Peacemakers—as well as friends old and new—must undertake a daring mission to end Hatfield’s operation, face down the Crusaders, and set things right without losing sight of their goal… or losing their very lives.

The Santini Vendetta – Christopher Fox

A deadly feud. A ransom that cannot be paid. A family that won’t forget.

A 20-year grudge against a notorious Mafia family means Kyle MacDonald must become the negotiator between a man and a mob boss.

The problem? Kyle wants nothing to do with them.

Unfortunately, they’re not taking no for an answer, and Kyle will have to decide: will he help one side, just to let the other die?

Or will he put himself in even greater danger?

Follow Kyle and Alberto in a race against time as they go up against a powerful Mafia family …and try to stay alive.

Second Chance (The River Saga #2) – Nathan Hystad

A fresh start. An old friend. A terrible enemy.

Colton Beck has a new lease on life. Their alliance is confident they can find their enemy in the Alruna system, and it’s all hands on deck. After the revelation of his origins from the mysterious woman on Dicore, Colton is at odds with where his loyalties stand.

The truth behind Indie Hart’s dedication to the Angor is revealed, making Colton doubt her motives as well as the Angor’s.

When Earth is threatened, it’ll take a lot more than one man to save the planet.

With the help of Colton’s allies, they find the source of the River, and discover its connection to the Rusa.

All pieces come together for a cataclysmic resolution, but who can Colton truly trust?

Time’s Abyss (Underground #10) – James Pyles

Something has gone horribly wrong on Piller Island.

Maverick industrialist, Theodore Falkon, commissioned famed physicist, Carson Everett, to build a revolutionary device—a projector that can open up a doorway to anywhere, the crossroads to infinity. But once activated, Falkon’s hubris results in the Ka’ala effect, causing a global disaster.

Time and space run rampant, distorting different parts of the Earth, causing past, present, and unknown realities to collide. Dr Everett, the only person who understands the tremendous dangers involved, commissions a group of six specialists to invade Falkon’s island stronghold in the South Pacific and attempt to shut down the experiment.

However, everyone on the strike team has a hidden relationship with Falkon and his project, and one of them holds the key to success or destruction.

Burrowing deep below the chaotic temporal field, they must risk losing their way within the vast caverns and the abyss of time, taking a one in a billion chance of repairing both a broken Earth and their own shattered lives.

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