Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 7 August 2021

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A death race across dimensions, the clash of semi-autos and sorcery, and the hidden knowledge of the Bizarchives set the stage for the adventures of this week’s new releases.

The Bizarchives: Weird Tales of Monsters, Magic and Machines #1edited by Dave Martel

On the abysmal fringes of sanity itself lies a repository of tales from realms untold.

The Bizarchives: Weird Tales of Monsters, Magic and Machines holds secrets of far flung galaxies, haunted dimensions and fantastical heroes.

Inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and Robert E Howard, this compilation of short stories takes a reader through all things strange and exhilarating.

15 stories written by lifelong enthusiasts of the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres The Bizarchives is an unapologetic homage to the golden era of pulp fiction.

If you love Conan, Cthulhu and everything in between you won’t want to miss this.

Blood and Jade (Semi-Autos and Sorcery #1) – Ken Lizzi

When an ancient sorcerer pursues an enchanted blade at any cost, only one man stands in his way.

Archaeologists uncovering a lost Mayan city unearth a magic artifact. An earthquake disturbs the operations of neighboring narcotraffickers. An ancient sorcerer and his mercenary henchmen arrive to claim the artifact.

When these three factions converge, Karl Thorson, ex-Special Forces, is thrust into action.

Dexicos Megistos, a nigh immortal sorcerer, wants to retrieve a mystical jade dagger. Alejandra Matamoros-Lopez wants to smuggle narcotics through the tunnels beneath the ruins, avoiding the notice of rival cartels. Professor May Chen wants to see if any sparks remain from her relationship with the head of the archaeological dig.

Karl Thorson just wants to do his job, and maybe have a cold beer.

Can he safeguard the archaeologists, especially the lovely Professor May Chen? Can he defeat a murderous band of narcotraffickers? And can he deprive the sorcerer Dexicos Megistos of the jade dagger?

Cherubim (War Angel #2) – David Hallquist

A Fragile Peace…For Now…

The alien encounter at the Battle of Mars left all sides in disarray and horror. The cease-fire between worlds could be the beginning of lasting peace…or a pause to prepare for the next war.

In the interim, the Jovian Republic sends a carrier task force to patrol the worlds of the inner system, seeing to the security of the smaller worlds, opening up new diplomatic negotiations, and searching for the hidden forces of the Saturnine Union still waging a secret war against Jupiter.

Jovian Angel Pilot Michael Vance is called upon to serve again, now in a fully modern Cherubim-class exo-frame. Commander Vance is at home in nearly any combat environment, but now he must also deal with the hidden threats inherent to diplomacy, espionage, and covert warfare.

Clearing out hidden Saturnine forces in the asteroids, in the depths of Mercury, and hidden in the sun’s blinding glare are only the beginnings of his problems as the task force’s primary mission will the escorting a diplomatic envoy to the deadly hotbed of intrigue and treachery that is Venus.

At least in the last battle he knew who the enemy was…

The Colony (The Survivors #17) – Nathan Hystad

A forgotten world. A dangerous adversary.

Dean Parker is alive and well thanks to his daughter, but something’s changed inside him since the incident at Newei. Ovalax lingers in his mind… whispering… waiting…

Jules is now the commander on Outpost, the Alliance’s newest high-tech warship, and encounters what initially seems like an innocent mission to Udoon Station. With her parents on Ebos, Sarlun missing in action, and Slate on Light, Jules feels the building pressure. When the galaxy’s most notorious criminal escapes from the Traro prison, pieces of the puzzle begin falling into place.

Can Dean fight his demons, and gain a foothold on Ebos for the Alliance? Will Jules solve the trap she’s tripped before it’s too late?

Impulse (First Colony #12) – Ken Lozito

Over the years, Connor has pieced together evidence of a mysterious group of aliens who roamed the multiverse and have been to New Earth.

Setting off to make new discoveries about them is straightforward enough, but this is New Earth, and Connor Gates has a knack for finding trouble.

For over twenty years, Connor and Diaz have been friends. They’ve survived two wars and have seen the best and the worst of each other. When a terrorist attack takes the life of Diaz’s son, their friendship will be pushed to the breaking point.

To find who is responsible, Diaz is willing to cross as many lines as it takes. Connor will do everything he can to protect his friend, even from himself. It’ll take everything he’s got to find who is responsible while preserving a peaceful coexistence with New Earth’s inhabitants.

Sometimes protecting your friends is a lot tougher than fighting your enemies.

Nightland Racer – Fenton Wood

Reynard “The Fox” Douglas is an outlaw racecar driver who despises the government that jailed him, drafted him, and seized his money.

He’s also the only man who can pilot an experimental nuclear-powered supercar into the Zone, a realm of mists and monsters where nobody gets out alive.

The Zone is expanding…and eventually it will engulf the entire world. At the heart of the Zone is a singularity, a portal into other times and other places.

Transported into the distant future of Earth, Douglas has to fight his way across a landscape of alien cultures and bizarre life forms, in search of an ancient superweapon that can stop a sentient black hole from devouring the Earth.

The Rogue Dungeon: Expansion Pack – edited by James A. Hunter and eden Hudson

Monsters rise. Heroes fall. Worlds Collide. Welcome to the Dungeon…

Hearthworld Online is a futuristic fantasy RPG brimming with monsters and magic and valiant heroes, but now it has become so much more than just a game. When Roark von Graf—a magical freedom fighter from another world—suddenly finds himself in the body of a lowly Dungeon Troll, Hearthworld becomes the last bastion against an arcane tyrant from beyond the stars. The fates of three worlds hang in the balance as countless lives are caught up in the interdimensional war Roark has inadvertently sparked. Who knew one little online troll could cause so much trouble?

Eight amazing authors. Eight incredible new tales. All set in the best-selling Rogue Dungeon Universe. Rogue Dungeon: Expansion Pack is an anthology for fans.

The Tyr: Arrival – Richard Fox

Can one family save a world?

Daniel Clay fought across the galaxy as a corporate soldier. He left the violence behind for a life of science, raising a family far from the bloodshed of the Corporation. With his wife, Sarah, and son, Michael, he studied the alien Tyr for years, hidden among their complex societies. Their mission should have ended with the arrival of a replacement team. Instead, the Clays’ corporate overlords choose a death sentence: an invasion fleet to conquer the Tyr.

This first contact will destroy the Tyr, and only Daniel Clay and his family can help fight back against the drug-fueled conscripts and military might of the invaders. The Clays must help the Tyr from the shadows or be killed by the Tyr who fear them…or by the Corporation they’ve betrayed.

But the Clays aren’t the only hidden power.

Within the Dragon’s Jaw (The Dragon Thief #2) – D. K. Holmberg

A captured thief holds the key to the kingdom.

Having learned the truth about the Dragon Thief and saving Zarinth, an impossible decision will bring Ty away from the only home he’s known.

When a dangerous priest demands his help finding something the Dragon Thief failed to find, Ty must finish the job even the Dragon Thief had failed to complete, but must stay ahead of Roson James and the Dragon Touched.

The prize will secure the Dragon Thief’s freedom, but there’s even more at stake than Ty can imagine.

If he succeeds, he might stop a war—and learn a truth long hidden from him about his connection to dragons.

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