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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 9 April 2022 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 9 April 2022

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The Arrival (Annihilation #1) – Joshua T. Calvert

It’s our planet. But it’s their war…

On New Year’s eve 2022, unknown flying objects appear over Europe and ignite an inferno of violence among themselves. Debris from one of the spacecraft falls on Athens, turning the city center into a smoking crater.

The destroyed remnant of the former metropolis is declared a restricted zone by NATO forces and sealed off. Amidst the few survivors struggling for food, medicine, and clean water, Nikos takes care of his girlfriend Maria, only to soon find out that to avert a creeping death, there is only one way out of the hell of Athens—the wreckage of the alien ship.

At the same time, a special forces team is sent on an impossible mission, as NATO’s European Command has evidence that another spaceship has landed in the jungles of Africa and its Alien crew appears to still be alive…

Celestial Citadel (The Rogue Dungeon #6) – James Hunter and eden Hudson

Build. Evolve. Conquer. Welcome to the dawn of a whole new kind of Boss Battle…

Roark von Graf has been fighting for one thing since the night his family was slaughtered: to kill the Tyrant King. Even when he was transported to a strange new world called a VRMMORPG, Roark recruited an army of Trolls, built a nation of high-level Dungeons, and crushed his opposition through trickery, seedy alliances, and sheer overwhelming force, all in service of revenge.

But the Tyrant King was two steps ahead all along, and now Roark and everyone he cares about are trapped in a land where there are no respawns, no second chances. Every death is forever-death, and Marek is looking to plant his head on a spike.

If Roark’s going to survive the onslaught of the Tyrant King’s forces and finish Marek once and for all, he’ll have to overcome the massive difference in their levels, fend off a Health-draining curse, unlock the ultimate cheat, and find a way to use the very fabric of reality as a weapon… all without a single extra life.

This is the end, the final showdown between tyranny and freedom, and all of creation hangs in the balance.

Dragon Forged (Blood of the Ancients #1) – Dan Michelson and D. K. Holmberg

The dragons are gone, leaving behind their essence for those who follow.

Firewater is sacred. Touched by the power of the dragons, those who consume it can become more like those ancient beings. Most become dragon forged, their bodies strengthened to help fight the dangerous creatures attacking the valley.

But firewater didn’t change Rob.

When invaders threaten to destroy his people, what Rob discovers may save all he cares about—and provide the key to forging his own power.

Infinity (First Colony #13) – Ken Lozito

Venturing into the unknown means pushing the limits of everything thought possible.

10 years ago, the Ark II departed on a long journey through interstellar space, but shortly after they reached their destination, all communications ceased. All attempts to re-establish contact have failed.

Utilizing prototypical FTL technology that he invented, one brave man will lead a small expedition into the unknown to discover the colony’s fate.

The challenges of establishing the first interstellar colony nearly destroyed humanity. What new challenges will the second colony bring?

Into the Real – John Ringo and Lydia Sherrer

Lynn Raven may be the boss master of WarMonger 2050 with her online persona of “Larry the Snake,” but when the CEO of Tsunami Entertainment personally asks her, as a favor, to beta test a new augmented reality game, she has to face her greatest fear: Going outside and dealing with, ugh, people.

As she becomes more immersed in the game, the stakes rise and so do the obstacles. Strife between teammates, a ruthless rival team, and these strange glitches that make it seem like the game algorithm (or maybe “game AI”?) has it in for her. Now she has to face a new fear: is she willing to step into the real to win the future she’s always wanted?

What do you do when a game and real life merge?

Perry Rhodan NEO: Volume 7 – Hermann Ritter and Wim Vandermaan

Trapped in the Vega system, the Terrans are finding the universe even more alien than expected. They encounter winged people, an organic building, and—at last—the Ferrons’ three-eyed ruler. When the Topsidans demand surrender, Kakuta hatches a plan to turn the tide with his teleportation ability. But what role do the planet’s mysterious, revered creatures known as “giants” have to play?

Elsewhere, Rhodan meets an elderly Arkonide who has been waiting in a crumbling base for millennia, hoping his commander will one day return. Mistaking Rhodan for that commander, he tells a tale that encompasses the war-torn history of the Ferrons and far more besides…

Meanwhile, Bull and his companions remain prisoners of the Fantan. But with Gucky, their sardonic alien cellmate, they hit on the best possible way to pass the time and create an escape attempt: musical theater! They may not have a script or know all the words, but their performance of The Pirates of Penzance is sure to be a hit.

Prodigal (Starship Gilead #2) – John Graves

The galaxy is at war.

Windham Manthus is broken man. After two betrayals shattered his world, the captain of the Starship Gilead is obsessed with vengeance. He’s lost his only son, and he places the blame solely on the shoulders of Anton Gaines of the Starship Jericho. Windham will stop at nothing to settle the score, but his own daughter has begun to fear that he’s spiraling out of control.

As Gilead’s crew fight to restore their captain’s honor, an even greater threat is spreading war across the galaxy. World after world fall to this terrifying enemy who seems to wield an almost supernatural power. There is one man on board Gilead who knows how to stop this enemy, but Windham refuses to hear his council.

And out in the darkness of space, Gilead’s prodigal son is biding his time, ready to strike when the moment is right. When the battle is over and the dead have been counted, only one man will survive to lead Gilead into the future.

Sleeper Ship (The Traveler #2) – Vaughn Heppner

Alvor the Sleek—a Krekelen shape-shifter—hates Jake Bayard because the Galactic Marine slew the others of his plotting brood. Bayard wants to wring Alvor’s neck because the alien tricked him into teleporting to deadly Canopus instead of Saddoth to help his friend.

Bayard’s teleportation opens the way for Alvor to reach Canopus so he can board an ancient, orbital sleeper ship and collect a cargo that should give the Krekelens ultimate victory everywhere.

Well, that’s fine. After dealing with prehistoric supercrocs, kamikaze air-cyclists and 900-pound hominoids with .75 caliber six-shooters, Bayard just needs a minute alone with Alvor to fix everything. First, though, he’s going to have to find the devious alien who can literally look like anyone.

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