Science Fiction New Releases: 25 January, 2020

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Rookie asteroid cops, alien slavers, space mages, and a court of space princesses fill this week’s newest science fiction releases.

Attack Plan Alpha (Blood on the Stars #16) – Jay Allan

A battle is coming, the greatest the Rim has seen in ten thousand years, a fight for freedom, for the future, for the very survival of all humanity holds dear.

Tyler Barron and his comrades are ready for their greatest test, but even as they prepare to hold the line at Fortress Striker, to turn back the Highborn’s imminent attack, the enemy have opened another front, one far to the rear. Before Barron and his spacers can face their own ordeal, a ragtag force must hold another fortress, an older one that has seen many battles, but has long been neglected and allowed to fall into decay. If they fail, Barron and his vast fleet will face enemies to their front and to the rear…and any chance of victory will be lost.

Meanwhile, Andi Lafarge and her small crew scour the depths of the Badlands, searching for the secret weapon the empire used to defeat the Highborn three centuries before…and possibly the only real hope for victory in the current war.

The greatest struggle humanity has faced is nearing its climax. Warriors struggle and die, giant warships clash, worlds burn…but will the suffering lead to a new hope for humanity…or the endless dark age that has been feared since the fall of the empire?

Dying World (Magitech Legacy #1) – Chris Fox

Our world is tumbling into the sun.

The quakes have leveled cities. Soon the continents themselves will break apart. The ships are gone. There’s no way off. But I’m not giving up. I’m a Relic Hunter…an archeologist with a gun, and I have a plan.

Our people arrived on Kemet thousands of years ago in the wake of a terrible space battle. The Great Ships are still up there, ancient derelict hulks powered by a combination of technology and magic, created by gods we no longer remember or understand.

If I can get one of those ships active, maybe I can save myself. Maybe I can save everyone.

Exile (Verity Chronicles #1) – T. S. Valmond and A. K. DuBoff

Freedom comes at a price…

TSS Agent Joe Anderson has a problem with authority. They say he’s insubordinate… or so it’s called when you punch a superior officer during a routine training exercise.

With no other place for him, Joe is shipped off to the outer colonies to run undercover surveillance. The assignment seems tedious until he makes his way onto a newly purchased cargo ship.

Captain Iza Sundari came from nothing, but she’s fought to carve out a life for herself with her eclectic crew on a ship of her own. Captaining a ship is the closest thing to freedom she can find, but she’ll have to pay for it. And freedom comes at a steep price.

When a risky proposition leads to the perfect job, it seems Iza’s financial troubles might be over. But with hidden agendas at every turn, she’ll have to cross a line she swore she never would to protect her ship and crew.

Fire At Will (Far Beyond #1) – Christian Kallias

An alien princess in distress? Check! Spaceships, Giant Mechs & Xenomorphs? Check! A high-stake intergalactic war? You better believe it!

After saving the Arcadian Confederate from certain destruction, Kevin’s consciousness is cast back to Earth. But Kevin has a hard time readapting to his boring, no-thrills life. Not to mention no one seems to believe his tales of galaxy-hopping adventures.

But when a Kregan operative shows up to hunt him down, Kevin gets his wish of returning to his galactic adventures. This time around it’s not just his consciousness on the line, but his body as well as his dog, Boomer. The Arcadians task their best engineer to recruit the pair to save the Arcadians once more.

If Kevin can’t whip this motley crew into shape, the galaxy’s doomed. By association, Kevin might inadvertently put Earth into the sights of the Kregan Empire. Can Kevin rescue the Arcadian princess from the grasp of her enemy without jeopardizing everything he holds dear in the process?

Galactic Law (The Galactic Law #1) – J. N. Chaney and James S. Aaron

Lethal force is authorized.

In the wild space of the Deadlands, Taurus Station is where miners and tourists come to play, and the ravager gangs follow close behind. Out here, far from the civilized world, the Law has a name.

Gage Walker is the son of hard-nosed asteroid miners. Brash, rough, and crude, he’s one of the few deputies working the station.

Still a rookie, Walker is tasked with the security of a mining magnate’s daughter, an easy job that quickly takes a turn for the worst.

The ravager gangs want her, and it falls to Walker to find out why.

In a chase across Taurus Station, Deputy Walker must prove he’s fit to wear the badge and issue his own form of justice…one body at a time.

Gemini Twins – Jonathan Brazee

Done with school and getting ready for the future as adults . . . until alien slavers attack!

Identical twins Nika and Rika Ingersoll watch from hiding as their mother and others are captured and are bound and determined to save them before they are taken off-planet. If the aliens leave with their human slaves before the Navy and Marines can arrive and attempt a rescue, those captured will never be seen again.

But how? What can two unarmed teens do in the face of overwhelming power?

It doesn’t matter how. If the girls don’t figure out something, all hope is lost, and lives are depending on them.

The King of Sidonia (Sidonia #2) – Richard Fox and Lauren Moore

A peaceful planet under attack. One king stands in the way.

A year after the invasion that almost destroyed the planet, Sidonia has rebuilt, with their new king and queen at the vanguard. But the marriage, entered into to guarantee an ally and stability for the nation, is fragile. Love is not as simple as signing your name on a document, and the new queen has a mind of her own.

Now, terrorists are infiltrating the capital and the death toll is rising. King Vincent is overwhelmed and the queen feels overlooked. When she decides to call it quits, she runs—straight into an enemy plot.

The King of Sidonia is a space opera filled with action and adventure, clean romance and an exciting conclusion to Cosima and Vincent’s story.

Unification (Baldwin’s Legacy #2) – Nathan Hystad

A shattered Concord. A united crew. A critical mission.

The Concord is in shambles after the return of the Statu, but under the guidance of the Zilph’i, trust is slowly being rebuilt.

Thomas Baldwin remains confident in his team, the secrets of his ship and the Concord no longer a dire threat.

While the Founders continue to appease the Concord members, the Border Wars are picking up steam, and Constantine is sent to the far reaches of space to the Zilph’i homeworld to request the Ugna’s aid.

Baldwin and his crew are tested beyond their wildest dreams, but if anyone’s up to the task, it’s the Concord’s brightest stars.

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