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SFF New Releases: 10 December 2022 –

SFF New Releases: 10 December 2022

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The Accidental Summoning – Kos Play

Melvin Murphy is your average everyday teen… until he finds the System.

Melvin has normal problems. High School. Tests. Trying to find a girlfriend (and failing… miserably). But one day he awakens with access to a System that governs all magic.

In his attempt to summon a teacher to show him the ropes, he botches the ritual and accidentally summons a magic-wielding girl named Kalliphae. Sure, she’s powerful and deadly. A femme fatale who’s more intimidating than even the most popular girls at school.

But she’s FAR from a teacher. She’s the same age as him and clueless about Earth. Can you say perfect team?

Into the Untamed Lands (The Last Eternal #3) – Jacob Peppers

The flames danced like madness in the wanderer’s eyes. He’d faced the monster posing as Soldier in combat, and he had won. But at what cost?

Forty-seven villagers of Alhs dead. So many that they could not bury them all and so they had looked to the old ways. They had looked to the flames.


They had been people yesterday. Today, they were nothing but memory. Nothing but ash drifting away on the wind, disappearing into the night.

The creature who had taken Soldier’s place was dead, but there were others of its kind, and they knew where the wanderer was now. They knew…

And they were coming.

With the ashes of the dead still settling upon the ground, the wanderer does the only thing he can do. He leads the villagers further into the wilderness, to a place where monsters roam and magical creatures out of nightmare lurk in the shadows.

He leads them into the Untamed Lands.

Mercia’s Hammer (Tears of Perseus #3) – William Alan Webb and Kevin J. Anderson

Leave no man behind.

The rebellion is underway. Governor Mercia thought his new militia armory would pave the way to independence. Instead, Federal security forces dragged him and dozens of other secessionists to an undisclosed black site to rot. Worse, the corporation running the prison is experimenting on the inmates. But the Feds weren’t counting on the governor’s daughter.

It’s a race against time. Liana Mercia has assembled a team of the best operatives of a dozen worlds. She knows where her father was taken, and the prison break is underway. If they can reach her father in time, it could be the beginning of Perseid independence. If they fail, the warden’s experiments may spell the end of dissent for all of humanity.

Periapsis Christmas – edited by Katie Room

Christmas sci-fi and fantasy!

Sometimes you need a little holiday from all the holiday stress.

Even if you love Christmas, you can find yourself feeling smothered and looking for an escape.

Enjoy Christmas “away” in this festive anthology of five science fiction and fantasy short stories.

Packed full of action, adventure, mystery, suspense, and of course, Christmas!

Revolution Calling (The Last Marines #4) – William S. Frisbee, Jr.

Divided we fall…

Mathison and his Marines have been reunited, and they’ve found unlikely allies in their mission to save humanity, which is currently tearing itself apart. SOG systems are rebelling, the Republic wants to run away… and then there’s the whole invasion of the vanhat they have to contend with.

The Last Marines have a new weapon, but it’s Republic technology, and the Republic forces are going to take it with them when they flee. So even though the Republic has betrayed the Marines, they must find and warn the Republic fleet… and do whatever it takes to get their hands on the technology. The Marines have one chance to save the Republic, but time—and the rest of humanity—is against them.

Surrounded by people he doesn’t trust—including a SOG commissar and troops from the Republic—Mathison will have to forge them into a team and track down the Republic before they leave… or humanity is doomed.

The Search (The Survivors #20) – Nathan Hystad

A bridge burned. A man on the run.

Sarlun was once at the top. He led Shimmal, ushering the Gatekeepers into a new generation. After his betrayal, he vanished, leaving his planet in shambles.

When he finds someone he’d lost years before, Sarlun must follow the trail.

Jules Parker is finally content. Her family is back together, and her relationship is going well. But something is off. Hulope, the new leader of Shimmal has crossed the line, and Jules realizes the answer is to bring Sarlun back, no matter what had occurred in the past.

Silent Order: Wreck Hand – Jonathan Moeller

A wrecked ship. A valuable cargo. Both are death traps for the unwary.

Jack March is on a vital mission for the Silent Order – find and destroy the Pulse, the deadly superweapon of the Final Consciousness, before it can destroy Calaskar.

But when the mysterious artificial intelligence known as the Custodian summons March, he has no choice but to go.

The Custodian holds knowledge that might save Calaskar, or destroy it utterly…

Swain’s Vengeance (The Saga of Swain the Viking #1) – Arthur D. Howden Smith

“All who admit friendship for Frakork and Olvir are likewise my enemies. Let me hear of such and they shall feel the edge of my sword and the burning of lighted brands such as those with which Olvir fired my father’s skalli at Dungalsbae and drove both him and Valthiof, my brother, forth to die upon the spears of a hundred men.”

Swain Olaf’s son is a man who will let nothing stand in the way of his goals. And no goal is more important to him than avenging his father and brother, who were done to death by the despicable Olvir Rosta and his grandmother, the witch-woman Frakork. If that means Swain must depose a Jarl to achieve vengeance, then so be it!

As acclaimed author Howard Andrew Jones writes in the introduction, “Arthur D. Howden Smith based Swain on material found in the later portions of the Orkneyinga saga. If you think that means Smith was recounting dry history, you’re in for a rude surprise. These tales are based on the recollections of a warrior culture, and Swain’s stories are rich with deeds of daring and cleverness and are absolutely drenched in warfare and violence, from the very first pages.”

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