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SFF New Releases: 31 December 2022 –

SFF New Releases: 31 December 2022

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Best Served Cold (Morcster Chef #3) – Actus

The disaster at Red Mount has been averted, but the link between the monster horde and the Howler guild is too strong to ignore.

While Magus seeks to find concrete proof that can bring the guild down, the Happy Sunflowers set off to stay out of eyesight and relax. Unfortunately, the Blessed One curse has other ideas.

Growing stronger with every passing day, the compulsion threatens to draw Arek back into the life that he’s spent years trying to escape. There’s only one path forward – and that’s taking out the Howlers for good.

With the Adventurer’s Guild lagging behind, the Happy Sunflowers and their friends are the last things that stand between the Howlers and the lives of all the innocents they have cursed.

Chrysalis 3: Antelligent Design – RinoZ

Anthony has been reborn!

Placed into the remarkable game-like world of Pangera.

But something seems a little off… What’s with these skills? BiteDig?


He’s been reborn as a WHAT?!

Follow Anthony as he attempts to adjust to his new life as an ant in his new Dungeon home. He’ll have to learn how to survive, level-up, and grow both himself and his bite-sized colony into a force to be reckoned with.

Death’s Beating Heart (The War Eternal #5) – Rob J. Hayes

Break Eternity.

Sirileth has broken the world. The ground bleeds, the seas rage, the skies are torn asunder.

Eska will not let her daughter face the consequences alone, but can she help without donning the mantle of the Corpse Queen once more? And will the people of Ovaeris accept help from a monster?

They might not have a choice as a stable portal to the Other World is now open, and the Beating Heart of Sevorai is ever ravenous.

The Guilted Cage (The Fallen World #18) – Casey Moores

On the day the world ended, Tyrone followed Teledyne’s orders and led a fleet of bombers over Colorado Springs, where he dropped enough thermobaric bombs to erase all life in the city. But at the end of that day, he found himself the leader of a community of survivors on the grounds of what had once been the United States Air Force Academy, the school from which he’d graduated. Decades later, Tyrone has maintained the secret of what he did from the community he protects, but when Tyrone’s adopted son Kid makes a discovery in a nearby lake, it could ruin everything.

To the southwest, a group known as the Riders, whose mounts are giant wolves, win a great victory and seek to re-open communications with nearby communities. But when they find a city that’s been razed by a well-equipped, well-organized military force from New Mexico, they vow to find the perpetrators and to make them pay.

The trail takes them to the foot of Cheyenne Mountain, where they find the evil force working to unlock deadly secrets that have lain dormant since the day Tyrone bombed the city.

The Rock of Battle (The Lost #6) – Peter Nealen

War Has Come.

The sorcerous rebellion within the Kingdom of Cor Legear was only the beginning. Now half a million men and monsters are on their way to invade the kingdom in the name of the Empire.

All that stands in the way is the fortress of Cor Chatha.

The Rock of Battle.

Conor and his fellow Recon Marines have ridden ahead to scout the enemy and try to disrupt the advance. A recon platoon can only do so much against such an army, however.

And the army is the least of their concerns.

Monsters, sorcery, and ancient evils descend on the Rock, as the Marines and their allies prepare to make what might be their last stand.

Warlord of the Broken Land – Doc Spears

The greatest upsets occur when complete victory is at hand.

As a Green Beret on an alien world, the victorious Warlord of Mihdradahl is used to being close to death. The prospect of peace and how to live in it is an entirely different story.

When a new enemy brings the end of Benjamin Colt’s peace, his purpose for living, and his entire future, the Warlord must wage a battle as no other. But how to fight an enemy that undermines the faith of his people? What weapon can be wielded to prevent a civil war among the citizens of Queen Talis Darmon’s kingdom? And in the chaos of their division, will the enemy to their south realize that now is the perfect time to invade?

Benjamin Colt must draw on every source of wisdom and experience he possesses to battle enemies known and unknowable—from the bloody, brutal battlefields to the threat ripping away at the invisible fabric of Talis Darmon’s mind.

Only a Warlord can win the fight and deliver Talis from the slow madness of forlorn that can only end in oblivion!

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