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SFF New Releases Too Hot for Amazon –

SFF New Releases Too Hot for Amazon

Thursday , 31, October 2019 Leave a comment

Yesterday, on the 29th of October, Silver Empire Publishing, a publisher of science fiction, fantasy, and Christian fiction, awoke to find that pre-orders to their newest releases of explicitly Christian science fiction and fantasy were cancelled without notice, and the pages deleted–allegedly by the rights-holders themselves. While the books were eventually restored this afternoon, Silver Empire has been fending off other interference on other sites selling their books.

Let’s take a look at what was deemed too hot for Amazon. While the links below point to the restored Amazon pages for ebooks, those who prefer print or giving more support to Silver Empire and its writers should consider buying direct from the publisher.

Deus Vult, by Declan Finn

God wills it. A Saint must find a way.

All Tommy Nolan wants is some peace to enjoy his family. He’s been to hell and back, and now he needs a break.

But evil doesn’t need to take a breather, and now the Vatican is back on his doorstep asking for help.

A nearby monastery has been desecrated and the exorcist monks murdered in the most brutal ways imaginable. A legion of demons is gathering for something big, and Tommy’s the saint they need to help.

An old enemy is the ally he needs, but can Tommy trust him? Can they track down all of the demons in time?

And what does the Necronomicon have to do with it all?

Glorified, by Jon Del Arroz

A devastating superweapon…in the hands of galactic tyrants.

The Sekaran fleet is gathering, and they’ve got a weapon that can destroy worlds.

Drin and his Templar brothers on the Justicar must face their deadliest battles yet, as the entire Elorian fleet is called into action to meet this threat.

But more than one planet killer awaits them. Deadly secrets from ancient races are hidden amongst the stars, and Drin must uncover the power of the mysteries of faith before it’s too late.

Fans of Richard Fox’s Terran Armor Corps and J.N. Chaney’s Ruins Of The Galaxy will be enthralled by the epic conclusion to this military sci-fi trilogy.

As a thank you for the support from the science fiction community, Silver Empire is making the ebook of Hell Spawn, by Declan Finn, free on Amazon through Sunday, November 3rd.

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