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Friday , 8, December 2017 2 Comments

Short Reviews will return next week with The Smoking Land by Max Brand in the February issue of A. Merritt’s Fantasy Magazine.

“Galactic Gamble” by Dominika Lein; Art by Anton Oxenuk

Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine is taking subscription orders from now through the end of January for our Spring (#7) and Summer (#8) issues.


  • Adrian Cole’s New Dream Lords saga continues in the Novella “In the Land of Hungry Shadows”.
  • In Dominika Lein’s Galactic Gamble, a gambler finds himself stranded on an alien world and his partner abducted when all of his debts are called in.
  • An evil mask in the possession of a necromancer may trigger an otherworldy invasion right in the heart of Coney Island in Michael Reyes’ The Iynx.
  • In Jason Scott Aiken’s The Legend of Blade, three orphans of the apocalypse are taken under the wing of a mysterious and powerful warrior.
  • You can find anything, from cheap trinkets to doomsday devices–and maybe even a second shot at love–in The Great Culling Emporium, by Marilyn K. Martin.
  • Having left Deodanth, following her deadly encounter with an Elder, Darla is hired on as a guide for an expedition to the ruins of an inhuman city in Louise Sorensen’s The Toads of Machu Hampacchu.
  • Plus flash fiction pieces from Michael Tierney and Abraham Strongjohn.


  • Nathan Dabney brings classic Sword & Planet action with ray-guns, rocket-ships and dinosaurs in Slavers of Venus.
  • Captain Leonidas Hawksblood is having a spot of trouble with everything, today, from clones to kangaroos, in J.D. Brink’s Littermates.
  • Kat and Mangos are back to settle a trade dispute at dizzying high altitudes in Brandy & Dye by Jim Breyfogle.
  • Warring kingdoms risk breaking taboos and petitioning the aid of powerful jungle spirits in Amy Power Jansen’s Breaking the Accords.
  • Strangers in Almok Vanosu are offered up as a nightmarish feast to the evil powers worshiped there in Donald J. Uitvlugt’s new tale of the Eldritch Earth, The Dream Lords.
  • Jennifer Povey offers up a tale of bloodlust, revenge, and kinslaying in Only a Coward.
  • Crime-for-hire duo The Party Smashers have been paid to kidnap the eco-terrorist son of a big-shot politician in Ken McGrath’s high-speed cyberpunk action thriller.
  • An endless cycle of war between two immortal entities spills out upon the earth as hell unleashes its dead in Jon Zaremba’s Promontory.
  • One man learns the hard way that sex with hot women on alien worlds may have unforeseen and dire consequences in J. Manfred Weichsel’s Going Native.

We’ll also try to have more of James Hutchings’ My Name is John Carter for you, too!


  • John E. Boyle says:

    Twenty bucks gets me two soft cover volumes of some of the best short fiction in the business?

    I can’t beat that with a stick.

  • deuce says:

    This is looking good!

    “Short Reviews will return next week with The Smoking Land by Max Brand in the February issue of A. Merritt’s Fantasy Magazine.”

    Are you aware of the fact that Merritt and Brand began collaborating on a novel but the project fell apart? The two pulp titans quite admired each other.

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