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SUPERVERSIVE: Nick Cole On Blacklisting and Ctrl-Alt-Revolt! –

SUPERVERSIVE: Nick Cole On Blacklisting and Ctrl-Alt-Revolt!

Tuesday , 22, March 2016 4 Comments

The Superversive crew is back… and this time they’ve got Ctrl-Alt-Revolt author Nick Cole with them!

This show is jam packed! Listen to the whole thing and you will…

  • Find out what part of his novel Nick suspected would be the most problematic– and the context that surrounded his editor’s outrage.
  • Gain SFF enlightenment by finding out who the original Big Three of science fiction were.
  • Delve into the now-lapsed “conversation” of science fiction by learning which book Out of the Silent Planet was written in response to and in turn, which science fiction classic was written in response to it!
  • Discover whether Chuck Wendig will sit at the same lunch table as a conservative author who’s “outed” himself.
  • Learn why it is that virtue signaling is so easy— while doing actual good gives a mediocre return in comparison.

It’s awesome. (And not just because the Appendix N generation gap comes up again, but yeah– I heard that part, too.)

Check it out!

  • Jill says:

    Abortion is a really touchy subject in our culture. Years ago, I entered a magical realist story in a contest. The story had one minor point of dialogue that was anti-abortion from the perspective of the character speaking. For that one minor point, the contest judge ripped the story to shreds. The story was fairly awful, could have used a good critique, but abortion is far too triggering for rational thought. Or something. Re Nick Cole’s book–really rather funny about the triggering abortion, as the entire book is non-subtle in its vision of the political future. Nick Cole has compared his work to Ready Player One. I’d have to agree with the assessment. Neither author is very subtle in telling the audience who they are.

    • Jeffro says:

      I could not believe some of the stuff he put in there. So audacious. So funny. So merciless in his lampooning of so many sacred cows.

    • Josh says:

      That’s the part that really cracks me up about this. Ctrl Alt Revolt is SO conservative in its outlook, and that’s what they freak out about? A paragraph? It’s like they didn’t even read past that.

      • Blue SFF Reader says:

        The irony and sarcasm regarding the liberal nightmare that surrounded the characters was likely too deep for most of the SJWs who had the audacity to read his book.

        Or it looked too normal to them to comment upon. Scary either way.

        The abortion bit was obvious enough for them to get — and it was highlighted by the Herd.

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