SUPERVERSIVE: Hugos and Anime Livestream

Tuesday , 9, April 2019 6 Comments

This Sunday Ben Wheeler discussed the execrable Hugo nominees while I joined in later to talk about the much more interesting subject of – you guessed it – anime. It was fun! Take a listen:

  • Nathan says:

    I only have two questions about this year’s Hugos. Will the Related Works category become a participation award for fanfiction writers and tradpub writers with fanfic? Will Gardner Dozois get a posthumous Hugo, or will the Hugos instead follow after the Nebulas and become a women only award?

  • Chris Lopes says:

    A better question would be will the Hugo winners’ combined sales come close to any of the best selling indie SF/F authors? Or at what point will the Worldcon staff exceed the number of nonstaff Worldcon attendees?

  • Mike Glyer says:

    I know none of you would ever stoop to doing fact checking, but some other people do it. See how many tens of thousands of owners of Hugo-nominated works there are among Goodreads members, for example —

    • Anthony says:

      Your theory is thst because it is popular on Goodreads. – a leftist exho chamber if their ever was one – it jas penetrated the public consciousness?

      Yeah, no. That’s just dumb.

    • Anthony says:

      Let me tell you what kind of place Goodreads is:

      A coordinated contingent of internet trolls who clearly had never read a short story I edited, “An Unimaginable Light” in “God, Robot”, that was nominated for a Hugo, specifically dropped in in order to leave as many one star reviews as possible.

      The reviews were riddled with inaccuracy after inaccuracy, even lies.

      Goodreads is not an honest indicator of the public consciousness. It is an indicator of the leftist consciousness. On Amazon – a much broader platform – “God, Robot” has 40 reviews right now, I believe – excellent for a small press anthology from a first time editor – and its rating is 4.5 out of 5, last I checked.

      There were some fake reviews dropped around nominating time so obviously fake Amazon actually was forced to delete them.

      And I’m supposed to believe that a notoriously converged organization like Goodreads has “permeated the public consciousness?”

      Nice try, though.

    • Anthony says:

      (My post below these responses misunderstood your comment. I’ll be deleting it for that reason.)

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