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SUPERVERSIVE: Pinkerton’s Ghosts are Here –

SUPERVERSIVE: Pinkerton’s Ghosts are Here

Tuesday , 22, September 2020 2 Comments

This was a project in the works for awhile.

And now, thanks to Ben Wheeler, it’s finally here!

Pinkerton’s Ghosts is a horror podcast about the adventures of the last Paranormal Detectives, Jack Morrow, Jim Donovan and Sean Russo as they uncover supernatural events and the mystery of their missing companions.

Ben is the Captain of this ship, but the team is made up of him, Ken Dickason, and myself. I am the writer of Sean Russo’s stories. Sean hails from NJ, and his stories range from the inner city to the mysterious Pine Barrens and everywhere in-between.

All three of us worked hard to put out a good product for you guys; the voice-acting is our own. I have been excited about this project for awhile and if you give it a shot I think you’ll enjoy it.

And yes, it is of course superversive. The best horror is.

  • Caleb Mohr says:

    I listened to the puppeteer on UATV and really liked it. Good narrated fantasy/sci-fi stories are hard to come by. I plan on listening as long as you keep making them.

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