SUPERVERSIVE ROUNDTABLE: Do Conservatives and Liberals write Sci Fi differently?

Sunday , 16, October 2016 1 Comment

It’s a big, rambling conversation that touches on decades worth of film, comics, fiction, and politics that you won’t want to miss! And if you were hoping for a good, hard and fast answer to this… well… this isn’t it. Several points about this question can be accounted for as a function of genre binning, unfortunately. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of Morlock-bashing in addition to a lengthy digression on The Force Awakens. And somebody even notices that things changed after 1980!

Just a heads up about this one: Daddy Warpig and Brian Niemeier aren’t in the line up. I miss them greatly! (If you experience withdrawal symptoms like I do, do yourself a favor and check out a recent episode of Geek Gab.) I have to admit, though, the redoubtable Tom Simon performs admirably in their absence. Also, it’s great to get chance to hear from Marina Fontaine, the inaugural author for the all-new Superversive Press!

Watch the whole thing!™

One Comment
  • Josh says:

    Ach. I miss doing these. One of these days fate won’t conspire against my attendance.

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