Superversive Roundtable: The All-RPG Episode!

Tuesday , 25, April 2017 1 Comment

The Superversive Roundable from this past Saturday was all about RPGs. This was a really interesting show for a lot of reasons, but I have to say the most mind blowing thing about it is that John C. Wright has been playing role-playing games for decades… without ever playing the ones that everybody else on the internet spends all their time taking apart, developing, and arguing about. His games are very much in the spirit of what designers like Gary Gygax, James Ward, Ken St. Andre, and Marc Miller did, however: they tend to be mashups of a smorgasbord of classic science fiction and fantasy. But he doesn’t use anybody’s system. He makes up his own systems with mechanics tailored to the theme.

What does this mean…? Well, the guy that writes books as if the “Appendix N” era never stopped also games like the “old school” days never came to an end, either.

Check it out. It’s a great show!

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  • roo_ster says:

    The most fun I ever had running a RPG was my mash-up of Call of Cthulhu + Boot Hill using Star Frontier game mechanics. Sort of a Wild West Cthulhu.

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