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There are only 10 hours left to back Alt★Hero: Q. Trust the Plan! We’re less than 8k away from six digits! Meanwhile, the plot thickens, as Roland Dane serves himself breakfast at the hotel buffet after a very busy night.

With hours left in the Alt-Hero:Q crowdfunding campaign, Arkhaven editor Vox Day offers a glimpse into the publishing side of Alt-Hero. It’s not too late to back the campaign.

Four days to go. 1,035 backers. Can we make it to the six-digit mark? Trust the plan! You can read the earlier pages here: Page 1, Pages 2 & 3.

Bounding Into Comics has an exclusive on FIVE complete pages from Alt-Hero: Q. We were going to post all five pages here by the end of the weekend, but when BIC asked for the exclusive, we could hardly say no. So, go check them out! From Bounding Into Comics‘s article: Arkhaven Comics is currently running an IndieGoGo crowdfunding […]

Six days left. The story continues. Back the Alt-Hero: Q campaign here.  

We’ve shown you the creators. We’ve explained the concept. We’ve shown you the artwork. With only a week left, now it’s time to start showing you the story. A new page will be introduced every day. You can rest assured, and you will see, that The Legend Chuck Dixon is living up to his well-deserved […]

If you’d like to get an early look at several Alt★Hero-related covers, Bounding Into Comics has them, as well as early descriptions of AH:Q #1 and AH#6. And if you haven’t backed AH:Q yet, we’re entirely confident that you’re going to want to do so. In addition to the progress we’re making on the production front, there are […]

This image will be the basis of the cover of AH:Q Issue #1. Back the campaign.

Thanks to all 844 AH:Q backers! The Alt-Hero:Q campaign has just passed its first stretch goal and we have therefore added a new award! This is a variant paperback collecting all six issues and featuring the stunning, full-color cover art of Alan Quah. You can acquire it here. And speaking of variant covers, we are in […]

On Day Three, the Alt★Hero: Q campaign has already hit $54,302 USD courtesy of the first 673 backers. The project is officially on, and the artists have been informed. Thanks to all the backers, particularly the QIA Agent with the impeccable timing who put the campaign over the top.

Arkhaven Comics is a new comics publisher that launched the independent crowdfunding revolution with its original Alt★Hero campaign. It publishes the bestselling Alt★Hero series as well as Chuck Dixon’s Avalon, Quantum Mortis, Right Ho, Jeeves, Rebel Dead Revenge, Gun Ghoul, and the Dragon Award-nominated Chicago Typewriter. Now, in its newest crowd-funding campaign, Arkhaven is turning the volume up to 11 by introducing the most controversial […]

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