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In early January 1932, Robert E. Howard in a letter to H. P. Lovecraft had this to say: “I love peace, yet I wouldnt [sic] mind a war right now such a hell of a lot, if the country was prepared; but it isnt [sic]. Japan knows it; that’s why she thinks she can kick […]

I am always up for a fiction or non-fiction alternate World War 2 in the Pacific treatment. I have written about Rising Sun Victorious here and have read alternate history novels by Harry Turtledove and William R. Forstchen & Newt Gingrich where things go even more wrong for the U.S.                 MacArthur’s War by Douglas […]

One of my favorite genres is alternate history. I think the first alternate history piece of fiction I ever read was L. Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall and his The Wheels of If shortly after. I enjoy essays on alternate history. A very interesting one on web years ago had Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, commander […]

Their wars had been ranging across the cold and dying planet for ages before we landed there. The lines of the belligerents surged back and forth for uncounted millennia. The younger of the two Alliances gained ground almost the entire time, its empires sometimes sprawling across whole continents. Theirs is a war of immigration, of […]

   Alternate history is an interesting subgenre of fiction. Is it truly science fiction or is it something else within the garbage can term of “speculative fiction?” “What if?” essays go back more than a century such as “If Napoleon had Won the Battle of Waterloo” by G. M. Trevelyan. Within the science fiction field, […]

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