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Howard A. Jones’ second book in the Hanuvar series has come out. I covered Lord of a Shattered Land in September. City of Marble and Blood is the next book in the series, a November release in hardback, 528 pages. The first book was a fix up of previously published stories. This book is divided into […]

Back around 1997 or 1998, Howard A. Jones contacted me on the internet. I was the official editor of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association at the time. People would seek me out on how I could help them sell their Conan pastiche novel to Tor Books or get on the syndicated Conan T.V. […]

Conventions (DMR Books): The 19th annual Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention took place this past weekend in Lombard, IL. It was a three-day affair, but unfortunately I was only able to attend for part of the day on Saturday. Five hours may seem like a good amount of time, but it wasn’t nearly enough […]

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