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One of the newest Osprey Men-At-Arms booklets is The Dutch-Indonesian War 1945-49. I discussed The Royal Netherlands Indies Army 1936-42 by Marc Lownstein almost five years ago. This is the third boolet by him covering Indonesia in WW2 and afterwards. Booklet is 48 pages as per usual size for Osprey Men-At-Arms. Contents Introduction: Summary, chronology, […]

I ran across this article by Emil Kirkegaard which reviews Bruce Gilley’s In Defense of German Colonialism. I have read at least three books on WWI in Africa over the years. The story of Col. Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, commander of German forces in Tanganyika is an incredible story. This made me pull out the Osprey […]

Osprey Publishing’s Men-at-Arms booklet Italian Colonial Troops 1882-1960 is #544 in the series. Published in 2022, author: Gabriele Esposito, artist: Giuseppe Rava. Forty eight pages including eight color plates. Italy like Germany got into the colony business later than Great Britain, Spain, France, and the Netherlands. Italians had moved into Tunisia across the Mediterranean Sea […]

The Normans in Italy 1016-1194 by Raffaele D’Amato and Andrea Salimbeti from 2020 is a fairly recent addition from Osprey Publishing. This is the latest addition to volumes on the Normans. Terence Wise wrote Saxon, Viking, and Norman (Men-at-Arms # 85, 1979) and David Nicolle wrote The Normans (Elite #5, 1987). The Normans in Italy […]

I think I first heard of the Numidians when I read Harold Lamb’s Hannibal. That happened to be the first Harold Lamb I ever read. You used to run across the Bantam paperback editions of Lamb in used bookstores on a regular basis. Hannibal is also one of Lamb’s better histories as the the details […]

My latest addition in the Osprey Men-at-Arms series is Latin American Wars 1900-1941. Subtitled “’Banana Wars,’ Border Wars & Revolutions,” it covers mostly small wars of Latin America. The booklet does not cover the Mexican revolution and civil wars of the teens and the Chaco War between Bolivia and Peru in the 1930s. That was […]

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