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The independent planet of Rhysalan provides Sanctuary to 1,462 governments-in-exile. It is the responsibility of the Xenocriminology and Alien Relations department of the Military Crimes Investigation Division to keep a firm leash on the hundreds of thousands of xenos residing on-planet. Assassinations, revolutions, civil wars, and attempted planetary genocides are all in a day’s work […]

First, I’d like to congratulate CH blogger Ken Burnside, for the success of his AVID Assistant Kickstarter campaign with 24 days to spare. Most game-related Kickstarters fail, so it’s nice to see one of our own completing one successfully. Thanks to all of the CH readers who supported it. Second, if you subscribe to the […]

We are pleased to finally be able to announce the release of Volume I in our annual military science fiction anthology series, RIDING THE RED HORSE. The collection consists of 24 short stories and essays, which cover a wide range of history from the Battle of Leuctra to galaxy-spanning space empires in the far future.  […]

A MAGIC BROKEN is now available in audiobook. Written by Vox Day and narrated by Nick Afka Thomas, this 105-minute, high-quality MP3 costs only $4.99 and the ebook is included in the price.  

“The Deported” by Vox Day Stupefying Stories, October 2011 Now available in THE ALTAR OF HATE.   It was the fourth day of our summer holiday in Vernazza, a little fishing village in the Cinque Terre. We had spent the morning on a charming hike through the hills, lunched in Monterosso al Mare, then enjoyed […]

A college student interviewed Castalia House author Vox Day for a paper he was writing about the fantasy genre. 1: What characteristics do you look for in well-written fantasy novels? Originality, plot, credible characters, and technical style.  2: What has been your experience with reading fantasy? Most modern fantasy is polluted by philosophical perspectives inconsistent […]

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