Thank You Alex

Saturday , 15, June 2019 2 Comments

Last week marked the end of an era for the Castalia House blog. Alex said farewell after almost three and a half solid years of weekly blog entries. He provided a service reviewing an older piece of (generally) pulp science fiction. Planet Stories was a favored magazine for him to discuss, a magazine often hated by science fiction critics and historians. He found worth in many of those stories.

It is not often you get someone with the work ethic of Alex producing every week. Finding a steady blogger is hard. I have seen my shares of blogs come and go including some that flamed out in a few months. He was able to balance other projects with taking the time out to read a pulp story and do a write up for it for around 175 weeks in a row. Give him a big round of applause.

Thank you Alex.

  • Mike says:

    Alex, you and your posts will be missed.

  • cirsova says:

    Thanks, all!
    It was a lot of fun!

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