The Geek Gab to End All Geek Gabs!

Saturday , 18, February 2017 4 Comments

Bradford Walker of Walker’s Retreat is banging the drum for today’s much ballyhooed episode of Geek Gab:

Daddy Warpig, Dorrinal, and Brian Niemeier deserve all this hype for making this happen- especially adding John C. Wright after this initially being only Razorfist and Jeffro talking Appendix N and related matters. If you’re not already subscribed to the Gab on YouTube, let me link that for you. You used have to throw money at a convention or a public radio station to get this sort of event together, and it would still not be as awesome as you hoped. Now? You can enjoy this from the comfort of your home, free of charge (but really, throw them some spare change to the Gab if you can and buy the books put out by John, Brian, and Jeffro).

Be there, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. You can count on the chat being as active and thrilling as the main show, which makes being there live even more of a benefit. Break out the special reserve, folks, because this one’s going to be EPIC!

Watching the response to the announcement, I have to say… I don’t recall seeing anything remotely approaching on this kind of excitement in the fantasy and science fiction blog scene of the past several years.

This is unreal.

So don’t miss it!

  • Thanks again for joining us, Jeffro. Great show!

  • deuce says:

    What an incredible show! Both funny and thought-provoking. This is just another landmark to look back to when the PulpRev achieves victory.

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