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The new sheriff in town –

The new sheriff in town

Friday , 1, January 2016 17 Comments

As Castalia House has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to balance my responsibilities as Lead Editor and as the manager of this blog. Because Castalia House shoots for excellence across the board, I have decided that it is time to step back and hand over my responsibilities for this blog to someone else.

And who is better suited to take it over than one of the very best bloggers in science fiction and gaming? I am absolutely delighted to announce that the Castalia House blogger, author of the epic Chapter N series, and 2015 Hugo nominee for Best Fan Writer, Jeffro Johnson, has agreed to accept the position of Blog Editor at Castalia House. It is our goal for the Castalia blog to become the go-to site for both SF/F and SF/F-related games, and putting someone in charge who is capable of making that happen is the first step in doing so.

As Blog Editor, Jeffro will be bringing in a number of new and veteran bloggers, so if you are interested in becoming part of what will soon be the best and most popular blog in science fiction, fantasy, and wargaming, you should make it a point to get in touch with him at some point in the new year. I have absolutely no doubt that as good as the content here has been in the first two years, under his guidance, it is going to be even better in the years to come.

Thank you all,

Vox Day

  • Blue SFF Reader says:

    My one concern: I hope this doesn’t delay Jeffro’s “Appendix N” book.

    Excellent choice, Vox! Congratulations, Jeffro!

    Carthago delenda est.

    • Jeffro says:

      I got it into shape last week as sort of a second draft type stage. It needs some more work, but blogging isn’t threatening to slow it down, don’t worry…!

  • Nick S says:

    It just keeps getting better. I’m looking forward to what Jeffro brings to the table. Congrats, all around.

  • JKA says:

    Mazel tov!

  • zimriel says:

    Congratulations, Jeffro. I am an admirer of your work over the past year and I have every confidence in your abilities for your future work here.

  • I would apply to be a blogger, but I’m greatly enjoying my time at Superversive SF and I’d rather not leave. But this is an excellent choice. Congratulations!

    • Douglas Cole says:

      Malcolm – you probably don’t have to leave. I “pre-posted” Violent Resolution to the CH blog, and then followed up on my own blog with a repost a week later. The terms of being a blogger here are quite forgiving.

  • tweell says:

    I am glad to see that the initial high quality will continue. Excellent choice!

  • Astrosorceror says:

    Congrats, Jeffro!

  • James Sullivan says:

    This is awesome. I’m a big fan of Jeffro.

  • Jeffro says:

    Hey, thanks everyone. Wah.

  • jon spencer says:

    How about adding a RSS link to this blog?

  • Warren Abox says:

    Jeffro! I’ve got a review of Osprey’s latest ruleset ready for the CH blog, but don’t know how to submit it. Shoot me an email (, would ya?

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