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The new WordPress editor –

The new WordPress editor

Tuesday , 7, August 2018 7 Comments

We’ve been having some trouble putting up posts because WordPress was in the process of upgrading its basic editing functionality. An upgrade to the new Gutenberg editor appears to have fixed the problem.

We now return to our normal posting schedule.

  • M.C. Tuggle says:

    Good to hear you’re back. You had me worried.

  • Nathan says:

    Please bear with us while things get sorted out. In the mean time, you can keep current on Castalia House and Arkhaven news by watching the Arkstream:

  • Randomatos says:

    Anyone else still not getting new posts, even with multiple reloads?

  • Ostar says:

    Are you SURE this isn’t enemy action?

  • del says:

    What is the email address for novel submissions?

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