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The Return of Dargoll & Other Pulp Stories –

The Return of Dargoll & Other Pulp Stories

Wednesday , 31, October 2018 3 Comments

Sometimes you get that one person who nurtures interest in a writer in danger of being forgotten. Glenn Lord did it with Robert E. Howard, Howard A. Jones with Harold Lamb, and now Kurt Brugel with Garnder F. Fox.

I have affection for Gardner Fox. He wrote for the pulps, comics, and paperbacks. He wrote in two favorite fictional genres of mine– historical adventure and sword & sorcery. Some of Fox’s stories in Planet Stories read like a cross between Robert E. Howard and Edmond Hamilton. This is ray-gun and swords fiction featuring hard-boiled adventurers up against alien super science. Don’t look for any messages or sliderules.

Years ago, I tried to interest a small press publisher in the idea of a volume or two of Gardner F. Fox’s science fiction, fantastic adventure, and weird stories from the pulp magazines.

Kurt Brugel has a new project. He has an upcoming collection of Gardner Fox stories illustrated by him: The Return of Dargoll & Other Pulp Stories. He is hoping to sell 50 pre-orders by November 8th to help support the Gardner F. Fox Library operational cost. Kurt has been busily transcribing old brittle paperbacks and pulp magazine stories for new e-books and in print.

Cost is $17.00 for trade paperback (6 x 9 inches) containing 298 pages.

Contents include:

The Return of Dargoll

Garrison found the game board in the ruins of Teotihuacan in Mexico. At first glance, he thought it was a game board. It was a marble flat, one-yard square, of multicolored stone with a raised edge an inch high about what appeared to be its playing surface. It was when he got it home to the United States and unpacked it, that he realized it was something unique.


“What need have I of an army,” Egypt’s queen smiled, “as long as I have my body?” Using her undeniable charm as a weapon, Cleopatra married a younger brother, carried on shameful affairs with her courtiers, seduced Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony—then bore her two Roman lovers illegitimate children…

This is the incredible story of one of the most wanton women in all history.

The Weirds of the Woodcarver

There have been strange creatures generated in the billions of year that Earth has known; the strangest of these—the Primal Ones!

Rain, Rain, Go away!

For the smell of rain was a stench in his nostrils, reminding him of death.

Heart of Light

Carbon is the basis of human life; and here in the crypt was a figure made of pure diamond could it be human could it be alive?

The Rainbow Jade

A priceless jewel; perhaps the answer to the Universe.

Temptress of the Time Flow

Was this the end of the universe, or the beginning?

The Holding of Kolymar

IT WAS AT EVENTIDE that the summons came to Conmoral.

The call came on the edge of the wind that sighed and whispered as it ran across the meadows and the tarns of fabled Kolymar, and Conmoral listened with his grey head tilted sideways and a sigh for the forgotten years gathering in his throat. There was much in the world that he had forgotten, much that was changed.

The Man Who Couldn’t Die

Slowly, reluctantly, the man who had been dead returned to keep his promise. For they had offered the puny Earth Thing eternal life—for the secret which would obliterate his world!

Crom and the Warlock of Sharrador

For unremembered eons the Thing had slept. For a million years it had quested through the star worlds of its dreams, until if lived only as a faint legend in the race memories of mankind. But now the time had come for man to recall its name, and to worship it once again. Noorlyethin arose and returned to the world of men and women.

So, if you want some fantastic adventure from the golden age of 20th Century story-telling, help out Kurt and the Gardner F. Fox Library by ordering a copy of The Return of Dargoll & Other Pulp Stories. Check out the other books available at

  • Paul Clayton, aka Van Ripplewink says:

    How the heck does a writer submit something for consideration? Thanks!

  • J. Manfred Weichsel says:

    This looks really cool. I read Warriors of Llarn earlier this year and man was it great.

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