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The Shadowcast: Interview with Will Murray –

The Shadowcast: Interview with Will Murray

Saturday , 18, December 2021 Leave a comment

Agents of the Shadowcast, report!

Razorfist returns with the latest edition of The Shadowcast, the only podcast devoted solely to the exploits of the Knight of Darkness, The Shadow. This time, he interviews pulp historian and author Will Murray. They discuss, among many topics, The Shadow’s history, publishing The Shadow reprints with Anthony Tollin, Murray’s recent Doc Savage/The Shadow crossovers, the newly published Master of Mystery: The Rise of The Shadow, new pulp and pulp revolution, and Murray’s career writing Doc Savage fanzines, Doc Savage, and the Destroyer.

Murray’s works of pulp history are encyclopedic and inform a significant portion of the literary criticism and histories discussed on this site and elsewhere.

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