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The Swords of Saint Valentine –

The Swords of Saint Valentine

Wednesday , 14, February 2018 2 Comments

Saint Valentinus of Terni was a priest, a healer, and a hieromartyr. As a priest, Saint Valentine offered aid and succor to Christians in a time when persecution of Christians was a long-standing policy of the Roman Empire. As a healer, he restored vision to the blind daughter of Judge Asterius, who had held him under house arrest. When taken before the Prefect of Rome and Emperor Claudius II, he refused to recant his faith. He was tortured, beaten with clubs, and on 14 February 269, executed by decapitation. That day became the Feast of Saint Valentine.

Today, we call it Valentine’s Day.

In honour of Saint Valentine, the SteemPulp community cordially invites all readers to attend their first event: SWORDS OF SAINT VALENTINE. From 14 February to the 28th, SteemPulp writers will serialize pulp-influenced tales of science fiction and fantasy centered around the themes of love and chivalry. Fun, action-packed stories that place entertaining the reader first.

Looking for tales of love or chivalry, preferably love and chivalry? Romantic love and chivalric romance? Gallant knights and fair princesses, fantastic magic and strange technologies, gentle healers and steadfast clerics, cruel emperors and fearsome beasts, unwavering faith and unbreakable honour? Search on Steemit for the tag Swordsofsaintvalentine (or follow the link) for the cutting edge of serialized short fiction blending classic values with classic action.

Swords of Saint Valentine will feature stories by @everhart@noughtshayde, @t2tang, @jimfear138, @notjohndaker and @jd-alden. Benjamin Cheah, author of Invincible and Hammer of the Witches, will also contribute “Realm of Beasts”, a tale of fearless warriors wielding sword and gun, rampaging man-eating beasts, superpowered cultivators, and martial valour.

  • Thanks for the shoutout!

  • Todd Everhart says:

    It’s been a fun event. At least 8 authors posting daily updates to their serials. All at the same starting point. The back and forth with reader’s responses. It’s like the pulp publishing experience in warp speed. Great stories to boot.

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