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Monday , 6, November 2017 2 Comments

Castalia House is very pleased to be able to announce that the Pournelle family has graciously decided to allow Castalia House to continue publishing new anthologies in the revived THERE WILL BE WAR series. We will begin work on THERE WILL BE WAR Vol. XI in the new year; Vox Day will edit the new anthology and CDR Phillip Pournelle, who was a contributor to Vol. X, will assist him in doing so. We will put out a call for submissions as soon as we have the chance to contact the Vol. X slush readers to see if they are interested in helping us out again. The series will continue to bear Jerry Pournelle’s name, as it has since the beginning, and it is our objective to follow the insightful, forward-looking example set by the great anthologist in the previous ten volumes.

Castalia House will also continue publishing Vols I through X, which are now in the process of being recorded for release as audiobooks. We anticipate releasing Vol. VIII in ebook before the end of the year, and plan to release several print editions next year.

  • deuce says:

    Great news! Jerry’s legacy marches on.

  • pdwalker says:

    Thank you.

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