Thursday Really Is GURPS-Day!

Wednesday , 27, January 2016 1 Comment

Anybody following Blog Watch, Sensor Sweep, or my Top Gaming Blog posts from 2014 and 2015 will know that some of the best blogging on the internet is done by guys that design for and comment on the GURPS role-playing system. It always seemed like one of the internet’s better kept secrets to me, but that’s about to change. Steve Jackson Games is now beginning to recognize that these guys really are a thing:

GURPS fans know that Thursday is new-release day at Warehouse 23. We don’t release a new digital supplement orPyramid issue every week — but when we do, it’s on Thursday. That has been a tradition for . . . well, my records show we were doing it in 2009, which means it’s older than that.

But there’s another tradition that GURPS fans might not know as much about. Douglas Cole has been blogging about RPGs on Gaming Ballistic since December 26, 2012, and he started setting aside Thursday as “GURPS-day” on February 7, 2013. Since then, many other bloggers have started reserving Thursday — a.k.a. “GURPS-day,” “GURPS Day,” “GURPS Thursday,” and “Thurpsday” — for GURPS content…!

Read the whole thing!™

If you’d like to participate, read this post!

And watch this feed if you want to follow developments on this front…!

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  • Douglas says:

    And . . . we’re live. 18 blogs. 130 posts. Covers Jan 1, 2016 through 1/27/2016 to start off right, then we’ll settle in to a weekly summary going forward.

    Thanks for giving it some attention – and more importantly, writing the script!

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