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Two new books –

Two new books

Monday , 17, November 2014 4 Comments

VICTORIA_256Today we are pleased to announce the publication of two new works: Victoria: A Novel of Fourth Generation War by Thomas Hobbes and The Four Generations of Modern War by William S. Lind. Victoria is available for $9.99 here at the Castalia House store as well as from Amazon, while The Four Generations of Modern War is available as an audiobook/ebook bundle for $3.99 here at Castalia or as an ebook alone for $2.99 from Amazon.

  • Shawn says:

    New Book Release mailing list.

  • Sean says:

    I read that Victoria was written in the mid 90s. Were parts of it updated since then? Just through 13 chapters such details as the Tea Party and spying on an enemy through a hacked smartphone – could someone really have gotten that right?

  • pdwalker says:


    No idea. Why not contact the author at his website and ask him directly?

  • Jim Coppola says:

    A big fan of the Castalia House and your multiple efforts at “changing the tune”. I’ll continue to support by buying as much as I can read….and then some… Best Regards, Jim Coppola

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