WARGAME WEDNESDAY: A Ballet of Bullets, Armor, Blood, and Sweat

Wednesday , 2, November 2016 Leave a comment

Kyle at Miniatures Market has this to say about the Band of Brothers system:

I’m convinced this system is one of the only squad systems to effectively communicate genuine World War II period tactics, without silly gamey tactics or hundreds of pages of rules. It’s a ballet of bullets, armor, blood, and sweat, whirling around until one side is left standing. It’s one of the best wargames available on the market today.

Wargame printing being what it is, I have never actually seen a copy. I hear nothing but good from the people that have managed to get one, though!

Meanwhile, for an in depth look at how wargame design works in practice, head over to the Linguistics Defense where Neal Durando will take you from research to design and testing of a scenario depicting this action. Here’s a bit from his latest post:

My draft rule for tank-infantry coordination prohibited vehicle and foot movement in the same phase. I backed off, opting instead obliging that a turn end upon vehicle activation. The rule needs a bit more testing. Honestly, I feel a bit bad about the ease with which this play came together and wonder if the more janky rhythm imposed by the original rule wouldn’t better serve. A situation where it wouldn’t be more advisable to move your infantry first is difficult to imagine. But so far, the running and gunning seems to square with Middleton’s account.

You know, I’m amazed anyone can come up with a solution to these sorts of game design issues. But the difference between “solid” and “half baked” is crystal clear to anyone that sits down to play!

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