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WARGAME WEDNESDAY: Milking the Brand, Monster-Size WWII Games, and Geomorphic Maps –

WARGAME WEDNESDAY: Milking the Brand, Monster-Size WWII Games, and Geomorphic Maps

Wednesday , 24, August 2016 Leave a comment

We have a bumpercrop of great posts on wargaming posts for you here this week!

At the top of the heap is The Player’s Aid, weighing in with an exclusive interview with COIN Series creator Volko Ruhnke. If GMT going overboard with all these new COIN titles? Volko responds:

Calling a design “COIN Series” at this point implicitly promises something. To me, that something boils down to the payoff in investment in learning one of the earlier games and the delivery of a similar but far from identical play experience. So as long as a further COIN Series volume stays true to enough of the core engine that dedicated Series fans have learned and mastered, with enough twists to transport them to a different historical time and place, I’m happy to [continue “milking” the brand”].

Elsewhere in the Tough Questions Department, asks Frank Chadwick if he’s lost his mind: Straight up, what are you thinking, making another monster-size WWII game after all this time? How will this be different from your previous opus, the Europa series? Inquiring wargamers want to know!

Frank Chadwick: What am I thinking? I’ll resist the urge to say “do it right,” for two reasons. First, lots of gamers still love Europa, and I do as well. ETO is not an attempt to “fix” Europa. Second, this is a different approach, and I like to think it’s different because I’ve learned a few things in the forty-some years since we started Drang Nach Osten.

Finally, Carl Fung at Board Game Geek asks if anyone else other there struggles with the inaccuracies involved in playing on geomorphic maps:

I’m curious what others think. Its unfortunate because I feel a bit turned off when playing on geomorphic maps even when being really interested in a system like Band of Brothers as I feel I’m not really fighting at Brecourt Manor. While I understand the multitude of these geomorphic maps can roughly translate to historical terrain, its still not the real thing.

That’s an easy one. Toolkit games are designed for maximum replayability. If realism takes the top priority, the game simply won’t come out as much, if at all. That hot new bulge game designed to get the terrain exactly right…? It’s awesome…. But it also solves a problem that a lot of gamers just don’t have. The play is the thing!

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