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WARGAME WEDNESDAY: PrezCon Winter Nationals –

WARGAME WEDNESDAY: PrezCon Winter Nationals

Wednesday , 24, February 2016 Leave a comment

Designer Ron Draker teaches the basics of Victory in Europe to a room full of wargamers.

Wargame Wednesday is reporting to you live from the PrezCon Winter Nationals.

If you want to try out a dozen games, if you’re looking for a top notch opponent in one of your favorites, if you want to see the latest hot games, if you want to talk to the designers and ask them how a rule got to be like it is… then this is the place to be!

There are people here playing the monsterest of monster games, Unconditional Surrender. At the other extreme, there are tournaments for quick playing block wargames like Julius Caesar and Hammer of the Scots. And if you are keen on the American Revolutionary War, then you can play half dozen of games based on it nonstop in RevCon, the con-within-a-con– with the top player in all the events gaining the coveted Washington Award.

If you are anywhere near Charlottesville, Virgina right now… drive over to the Doubletree Hotel and get in on a game. This is one of the best gaming events anywhere.

Here’s the past week’s wargame links:

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