WARGAME WEDNESDAY: The Player’s Aid interviews Marc Gouyon-Rety

Wednesday , 27, July 2016 Leave a comment

If you haven’t been following The Player’s Aid over the past month, you’re really missing out. In addition to digging in to a number of games I haven’t even seen before, they have an excellent interview with Marc Gouyon-Rety, the designer of the upcoming Pendragon. Up until now the COIN series entries from GMT Games have tended to be associated with more recent conflicts such as Vietnam or Afghanistan. Here Marc explains how he came to his decision to tackle a situation that very nearly on the borders of legend:

I realized in 2014… that, despite its name, the COIN system was not so much about counterinsurgency as it was about multi-factional and asymmetrical conflicts. I had been looking for a way to tackle Dark Ages Britain for some time, and the light came on after reading a couple books portraying post-Roman Britain as a ‘failed state’, and offering a startling re-interpretation of Arthur as a post-Roman leader caught between scheming Romano-British elites and his Saxon mercenaries (Foederati). The basis for Pendragon was laid in one frantic hour of laying the basic factions and their conflicting interests and objectives in June 2014, and these basic principles have held true ever since. Late and post-Roman Britain was by no means a united polity, riven by ancestral tribal identities and accompanying enmities, competition between established elites based on traditional tribes and cities, and military strong men, often coming from humbler, or even Barbarian, stock. All relied heavily on foreign ‘Foederati’ (allies bound by treaty in exchange typically for land and grain payments), as was the norm in the late Roman Empire, to fight against both local rivals or foreign marauders (often the very kin of the aforementioned Foederati).

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