WARGAME WEDNESDAY: The Euro Gamer’s Guide to Learning GMT’s COIN Series

Wednesday , 1, June 2016 4 Comments

Fire in the Lake final, 2016 PrezCon Winter Nationals

The top game blog post of the past couple of weeks is, without a doubt, The 5 Worst Mistakes I’ve Made when Learning COIN over at Ludobits. Now… I’m biased because this is on a topic I’ve struggled to articulate previously. But really… check it out:

Now what happens when you first sit down at a COIN table with expectations of that kind might not be pretty. Because the clean, orderly, safe Euro experience you’re accustomed to gets disheveled rather quickly and extensively.

Far from being eased into the game by nice rule writing and flavor text, you’ll fight your way through stern, telegraphic style statements. Their military terms and acronyms will remind you how little you actually know about the subject matter at hand, or counter-insurgency in general, whereas the terms you do understand won’t keep you in a Euro mood for long. Assassinate, Kidnap, Devastate, Rampage or Terror are as far from medieval farming, Renaissance painting or Mediterranean trading as you can get.

You know that moment when the rules of a good Eurogame click, when it all gels in your brain and the game kind of takes off on its own, so you can sit back and plan for victory? Won’t happen with COIN. Every card will disrupt your plans one way or the other.  You will never sit back.

Yes, those COIN games are chock full of nice, friendly, colourful wooden bits. They can really lull you into a false sense security if you’re wandering in from the club that plays Tikal and Agricola and so forth. But it’s a totally different ball game! Read the whole thing for a complete run down of where Euro gamers are most likely to go wrong.

And by the way, I came across this post via Brian Train’s blog. Maybe you should follow him, too! Alternately, what this space for new posts from Ludic Futurism and other great wargaming blogs:

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