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Why Game of Thrones Jumped the Shark –

Why Game of Thrones Jumped the Shark

Saturday , 30, September 2017 7 Comments

Grames Barnaby writes in with what he calls “a very cancerous vid” regarding Game of Thrones:

However I DO recommend watching it, for it’s a great example of just how badly modern schooling has messed up literature studies. From dismissing pulp fiction and why archetypes are too “simple” to conflating all of 19th century english lit as realist in tone. Not to mention remarking that Beowulf is too “simple” and doesn’t compare to the great tragedies of the Greeks, etc. Which is tragic in and of itself in that his video is trying to diagnose what’s gotten broken on GOT in it’s current Hollyweird adaptation.

I admit, I have a hard time being hard on the guy because he does point out that the stuff people like to read today is more or less in line with the same stuff people liked to read during the pulp era. Somehow we failed to “evolve” or grow out of our hunger for escape and the mythopoeic. Thus, the literary demolition of the sixties and seventies could not deliver on its promise.

For the same reason that George R. R. Martin can’t finish his series.

  • deuce says:

    AGoT “jumped the shark” by the second novel, IMO. From what I can tell, things got progressively worse with each subsequent book.

  • John E. Boyle says:

    I barely finished the first book in this series, and I have no interest in reading any of the sequels. Anyone who has read book 2 or beyond has more patience and a stronger stomach than I do.

  • David says:

    I enjoyed the first three books, but after the fourth book, Feast of Crows, I decided I wouldn’t look at Game of Thrones again unless and until GRRM finished the series. No plans to ever watch the show.

    • Andy says:

      I think when the first two books were out I gave it a shot, but I quit about halfway through book 1. I wasn’t really far enough into it to dislike it. I just remembered what Robert Jordan did to his fans, stringing them along for so many years, and figured that wasn’t something I wanted to get involved with.

  • Xavier Basora says:

    We’ll I read the 4 books and decided that I wanted my time on such a nihilist series. There’s no good or evil nor any mythopoetics.
    I think I’ll read Orlando furioso and other roman/chilivry/adventure books of the late Middle ages/Early renaissance

  • john silence says:

    It is almost surreal to see just how much deeper, wilder and more original the entire thing was in the popular old fan theories and predictions compared to how it turned out.

  • Ben says:

    IMO it’ll be out till HBO flushes, then “And then they all got run over by a truck…” – pulled by a dragon or something…

    Well, way back I remember what I think was an episode of the Muppets – there was a show and a total disaster – curtains fell, actors going crazy, a few small fires. The main guy is standing there just dazed and stressed but another person comes in “The Show must go on!”

    “Why…?” the main guy said

    “Well, we don’t get paid if it doesn’t…”

    “The show MUST go on!” he says!

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