Will Caligan’s Comic: Voting Results

Monday , 5, February 2018 1 Comment

Arkhaven is pleased to announce that after more than 400 votes were cast, the following books were chosen to serve as the basis for the graphic novels by the backers.

  1. The Green Knight’s Squire (31.3%)
  2. The Stars Came Back (17.2% )

This means that the first 12 issues will be based on the John C. Wright trilogy, which will be known as Saga of the Swan Knight and collected in two graphic novels, Swan Knight’s Son and Swan Knight’s Sword. The next 6 issues will be based on the Rolf Nelson novel and will be collected into a single graphic novel called The Stars Came Back. John and Rolf will be working with Chuck Dixon and Vox Day to adapt their works to the graphic format.

Thanks to all the authors who contributed their works to the campaign and thanks to all of the backers, both those who voted and those who didn’t. We’ve put a very good team together to support Will in creating these graphic novels, and we believe the end results are going to be something that everyone involved will be proud to have been a part of.

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    So exciting!

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