You say you want a revolution?

Thursday , 20, December 2018 2 Comments

We have one right here just in time for Christmas. First, the audiobooks, all in DRM-free MP3 format:

This is all brand new to us, so if you have any problems with the process or if a file link is incorrectly assigned, please let us know and we will address it right away. Moira’s reading of her book is particularly good; her musical background is readily apparent.

Please note that we will never delay our ebook releases in order to create these digital bundles. Our production process is straightforward: ebook, print, audiobook. If you compare our prices with Audible and other audio options, it should be evident that you’re not paying for the ebook twice if you already own it, the inclusion of the ebook is merely added value for those who have not yet read the book and might like to be able to follow along with the audiobook.

In other book news, despite the metadata mixup that has temporarily the cover image out of the listing, THE DARK AVENGER’S SIDEKICK by John C. Wright is now available in a spectacular 596-page hardcover for $29.99 from Castalia House Direct. This is the trilogy that contains Moth & Cobweb Books 4-6: Daughter of DangerCity of Corpses, and Tithe to Tartarus and makes a handsome companion to The Green Knight’s Squire.

Some audiobook enthusiasts have asked us about the possibility of our developing a custom audiobook app that is integrated with our Arkhaven store. We have the technical capacity to do so, but our bandwidth is limited and it is a questionable use of our time and technical resources given the opportunity cost. Most likely, we would do a small crowdfunding for such a project in order to get an idea of the actual demand as opposed to the theoretical enthusiasm. If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to share them here.

  • Bz says:

    “Aerio does not sell this book in your area, but please check for availability at your local bookstore.”

    Well, that was less than helpful.

  • Greg says:

    I just finished listening to this audiobook. It is the best book I have listened to or read in the last few years. Emotionally it is extremely upsetting and moving, well written, well organised and very well read with a beautiful clear voice that amplifies the book’s emotional impact manifold as you can feel how the emotions and dark memories of the author make her voice tremble with disgust, anger, sarcasm or sorrow.
    The book is about much more than a personal experience as it clearly describes the social climate that this kind of abuse could and can flourish in: the myth of “free love” of the Sixties, the myth of the benefits of early sexualisation, the myth that as much sex as possible can only be good for anybody including young children plus the various myths of the gay and BDSM-“communities”.
    The book could serve as a grave warning to all those who believe in this stuff today (and their number seems to have grown instead of having been reduced) if they only had ears to listen and eyes to see what goes on in their own hearts and in the hearts of others.
    This book should be read by everybody! Thank you so much, Moira!

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