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Colonizing slowships, multidimensional hideaways, decaying alien empires, and a breakaway Mars feature in this week’s newest science fiction releases. Black Phoenix – B V. Larson and Wayne Wightman Earth’s first colony ship finally reaches the target world. The excitement of planetfall is indescribable, but quickly transforms into sick disappointment when they find the atmosphere is […]

Philip K. Dick (Salon): Once considered a cult figure, the science fiction author Philip K. Dick is now recognized as one of the most prescient and powerful writers of the 20th century. His work not only foreshadowed many of the technological anxieties and possibilities of our era, but shaped the sensibility of the sixties and seventies […]

Mike Resnick is a writer with a career spanning five decades. I read The Goddess of Ganymede thirty years ago when I found it in a used book store.  I have read a few other things by him over the years – Santiago, Ivory, The Soul Eater. I enjoyed the two Ganymede sword and planet […]

Time-traveling Rangers, superheroes in love, living saints, dungeon-delving samurai, and the Black Tide of the undead feature in this week’s newest fantasy and adventure releases. Armored Heart – J. M. Anjewirden May returned home from the Second Augment War having left parts of herself behind, emotionally and literally. An inventor at heart, she built herself […]

Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #4: Hit Charade The streets of Avalon are a hard place, even for superheroes. But while King Ace’s new employers at the SPC are busy trying to track down the mysterious female vigilante who is assassinating politicians in broad daylight, Fazer’s new friends are helping him escape from the high-tech security cells […]

The print and broadcast media went through their adolescence during a time when the bi-polar world of Cold War dominated the Great Game between world powers.  As a result, the espionage genre, which prior to WWII delved into the rich complexities of the Great Game, came to be dominated by the Battle of the Iron Curtain.  […]

Oh yeah. That’s a serious question. Think about shonen for a moment. We have “Fullmetal Alchemist” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, two of the greatest shows of all time. The former has deeply complex characters and hauntingly effective direction on every level. The latter is incredibly tightly plotted, covers a massive cast of interesting and well […]

Cinema ( The concept of the sci-fi weapon also has its allure. Whether it’s a cyborg hero taking down villains with some kind of crazy blaster, or evil Dark Lords wiping out entire planets with their mechanical monstrosities, there is no doubt that the destructive capabilities of such futuristic weaponry appeal to a certain base […]