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The Arrival (Annihilation #1) – Joshua T. Calvert It’s our planet. But it’s their war… On New Year’s eve 2022, unknown flying objects appear over Europe and ignite an inferno of violence among themselves. Debris from one of the spacecraft falls on Athens, turning the city center into a smoking crater. The destroyed remnant of the former […]

The Hallowed War – T. E. Bakutis Drafted into a private army, he must fight monsters… or be hunted as one… A century after the Break destroyed much of the world, the wealthy island nation of Dios stands alone as a paradise for those than remain… so long as they aren’t poor and homeless. For […]

D&D (Jeffro’s Space Gaming Blog): For two years, countless people told me I was mad. They told me I was reading things into the rules that were just not there. They told me that NOBODY, not even Gygax himself played the game like what I claimed would happen if you just played a few rules […]

Rosemary Sutcliff (1920-1992) is best remembered as a young adult writer. Sutcliff, Henry Treece, Roger Lancelyn Green, and Geoffrey Trease were all part of the same era bringing past historical periods to life for young readers. Sutcliff is best remembered for The Eagle of the Ninth, The Lantern Bearers, and her historical Arthurian Sword at […]