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Banned from the Hugo Packet: Safe Space as Rape Room – Full PDF Here –

Banned from the Hugo Packet: Safe Space as Rape Room – Full PDF Here

Thursday , 26, May 2016 12 Comments


Worldcon Members who are looking forward to the forthcoming Hugo Voter Packet – which traditionally contains as many of the works nominated for a Hugo Award as possible so that all voters can review the nominees in a unified set of documents – will notice a special warning from MidAmeriCon II in this year’s edition of the Packet:

As the World Science Fiction Convention, MidAmeriCon II has members from 35 countries. Safe Space as Rape Room quotes extensively from a written work containing explicit descriptions of children engaged in sexual activities. This material may be illegal in some home countries of  members. MidAmeriCon II does not wish to put any member at risk of inadvertently violating the law in their country of residence by downloading it in the packet without intent. As such, under legal advice, we are not  hosting or distributing this material directly. However, Safe Space as Rape Room is freely available on the Internet and can be found by anyone at

The “written work” referred to in the above is the novel Hogg, by the SFWA’s Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Samuel R. Delany. “Safe Space” also contained extensive quotes from Walter Breen and Marion Zimmer Bradley whose joint work on Greek Love attempted to justify child molestation as well.

You can follow all the blog posts by following MidAmeriCon’s link in the above quoted material, but if you want the entire collected work as it would have appeared in the Hugo Voter Packet, you can download the following .PDF:

Safe Space as Rape Room – Banned from the Hugo Packet version- [PDF]

Although Safe Space as Rape Room: SF Fandom and Childhood’s End has been banned from the Hugo Packet, MidAmeriCon II could simply have opted to exclude any mention of the work altogether without referring readers to the blog post. As author participation in the Packet is completely voluntary and is not intended in any way to favor or disfavor a nominee’s chances of winning the Hugo Award, it would not have been the only nominated work simply missing from the Packet.

Although the exclusion of this work from the Hugo Packet underscores the ease of action that pedophiles currently enjoy in fandom –  as even exposing their philosophies and actions may be interpreted by some organizations as legally entangling – I simply wanted to ensure that all Worldcon members and the general public had access to the formatted material that had originally been intended for the Hugo Packet.

  • Alex says:

    That’s pretty messed up.

  • viktor says:

    Any chance for a mobi version?

    • Daniel says:

      Yes, there is a chance, but it is right now the coolest iron in the fire.

      • Gaiseric says:

        viktor; take the pdf and put it thorugh a pdf to mobi translator or just open it up in Calibre (a free program) and convert it yourself. If it takes more than ten minutes, I’d be surprised.

  • viktor says:

    Fair enough. My “Send To Kindle” widget is working fine in each webpage.

  • Blue SFF Reader says:

    The SJWs just can’t put the shovel down. Rich!

  • GK Chesterton says:

    Did they offer to print it with the material excised and included only as a link? Are negotiations ongoing?

  • Daniel says:

    The above quote is all they will include in the packet. That is why I am providing the .pdf intended for the packet here. There is nothing to negotiate.

  • Aeoli Pera says:

    Safe Space as Rape Room quotes extensively from a written work containing explicit descriptions of children engaged in sexual activities.

    A Nebula Award-winning novel from 1995 is too edgy for the Hugos? It’s 2016 people.

  • Stephen Ward says:

    Is there somewhere I can buy a version? I’d like to support the research effort that went into this.

    • Daniel says:

      No. Just buy something from Castalia House and know that the publisher encourages its people to do the right thing.

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