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JUST RELEASED: The Prolapsing Empire by E. Reagan Wright –

JUST RELEASED: The Prolapsing Empire by E. Reagan Wright

Thursday , 6, April 2017 4 Comments

There had never been a more deserving Re-Scriber for a promotion to Chief Officer, Political. Doey’s years of slaving away in the Culture Mines finally paid off, and now he was one step closer to the tippy-top position of the Aynal Empire. His first mission as Chief Officer, Political, was a simple run through the low streets of the city to break up a clandestine culture mill churning out written works that weren’t derivative rehashes of previous greats carefully reworked to fit into this week’s Narrative.

At least it should have been. Only Doey’s astounding ability to justify victory in the face of overwhelming defeat could possibly see him through the events of his first thrilling and heroic day as the savior of a collapsing empire. Find out how in this thrilling 6,400 word story set in a distant future that bludgeons the reader with Terry Pratchett levels of subtle satire aimed straight at the heart of the most delusional sci-fi writer of our day, John Scalzi.

  • Stanley Miller says:

    Solid one star rating (from one non-verified purchaser) gives me no choice but to grab this one up on my Kindle Unlimited account and give it a read.

    Before you buy it go back and look at the cover art again, take a bit longer this time, do you see it yet?

    I’m going to read it and give it five stars just for the cover art!

  • Fenris Wulf says:

    The Relapsing Umpire by Noze Kandi
    The Lisping Empirical by Gay Thiest
    The Lapsing Library Card by Noah Books
    Trapped in a Brush Fire by Sooty Eyebrows

  • This work really gets to the bottom of sci-fi. It’s an inside look at how satire can stretch the boundaries of the genre beyond what you thought capable. A few bums have poo-pooed it, calling and anal-retentive and my an ass, but they are just butt hurt that I’m sticking my fingers in their business.

    If any of you are still not sure about it, bear in mind that I am now an award winning game designer. My RPG, Shitlord: The Triggering just won a Wright Award. (That’s what I call the actual trophy/piece of paper that you get for winning the 2016 Awesome Stuff Award in my head canon.) It’s pretty prestigious, but kind of underground. I’m looking forward to saying I won one before it went corporate.

    Anyway, thank you for the announcement, Jeffor. I like you.

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