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New Release Spotlight: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD –

New Release Spotlight: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD

Monday , 29, October 2018 4 Comments

The Hidden Truth had Ken Holder at L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise calling it “… the best science fiction techno-thriller since whatever Neil Stephenson’s last book was.” Book #2, A Rambling Wreck, was a finalist for the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance 2018 Book of the Year. Now Book 3 of the Hidden Truth, The Brave and the Bold, is available…

Where we go one, we go all!

When the Civic Circle tries to embroil the U.S. in a senseless war, Pete must leverage his summer intern position to infiltrate their Social Justice Leadership Forum on Jekyll Island, and disrupt their plans.

The danger – and the opportunity – are far greater than he imagines. The sinister power behind the Cabal – a power that aims to reshape society, destroy our civilization, and cast humanity into bondage – tolerates no rivals. Deep within the conspiracy’s stronghold Pete discovers not only the secrets by which they retain their power, but also a crucial vulnerability that could cripple the Cabal with one decisive blow.

With his plans in jeopardy and his life at risk, Pete must forge an unlikely alliance of rivals, turn the Civic Circle against itself, expose their secrets, and end their threat once and for all.

The ultimate struggle for the ultimate stakes hinges on one simple question:

Will fortune favor the brave and the bold?

Praise for The Brave and the Bold

“The Brave and the Bold is the most intricately crafted conspiracy story I’ve read since Illuminatus, and it’s entirely grounded in real events or plausible ones in its alternative universe, as opposed to Robert Anton Wilson’s zany tale.”
– John Walker, Co-founder of Autodesk, Inc., author of The Hacker’s Diet, operator of and

“Picture Robert A. Heinlein writing The Da Vinci Code. Great techno-thriller combining current trends with secret history in a gripping tale.”
–  C.J. Carella, author of the Warp Marine Corps series

“Reads like the best of Michael Crichton’s or Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi thrillers. I couldn’t put it down.”
–Russell Newquist, author of the supernatural thriller War Demons

“Schantz cranks up the tension in an alt-history thriller that masterfully blends high science and conspiracy theory.”
– Daniel Humphreys, Dragon-nominated author of the Z-Day series of post-apocalyptic sci-fi thrillers and the Paxton Locke urban fantasy series.

  • 'setting says:

    I’ve read the first two, and recently searched (last week) for more in hopes. Yay! More of the story!

    Also, nice title and cover.

    I’ll probably read it this week.

  • Fenton Wood says:

    This is an ingenious series and I’ve been reading it non-stop since I heard about it. It’s a scientific thriller about the secret history of electromagnetic science, with intriguing connections to Eastern philosophy, along with plenty of action and spycraft. I recognized the influence of David Harriman’s critique of postmodern physics.

  • I haven’t read Harriman, although I understand he has similar opinions. I’ve been skeptical of post-modern physics for a long time. Here’s a two part essay I did on the “Philosophic Premises of Quantum Mechanics” when I was in graduate school. The most influential reference on my quantum mechanical thinking was Peter Holland’s Quantum Theory of Motion. He cited extensively from Paul Forman, “Weimar Culture, Causality, and Quantum Theory, 1918-1927,” Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences, vol. 3, 1971, pp. 1-115. That historical evidence demonstrated to my satisfaction that the craziness predated the discoveries of atomic physics and served as the matrix within which emerging atomic discoveries were interpreted. It convinced me that the conventional interpretations of quantum had serious problems.

    I gave up on quantum mechanics and focused my professional career on understanding electromagnetics instead. Now, I’ve come full circle with the discovery that electromagnetics works an awful lot like pilot wave theory – fields guide energy. My latest discoveries just came out in a paper in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (A) [of London] on Monday. Here’s a link to a press release that includes links to a preprint of the article.

    I loved your first Yankee Republic book. When can we expect more? If you need any additional incentive to finish my book, there’s a shout out to yours in the “About the Author” section at the end of The Brave and the Bold where I list recommended books.

  • Fenton Wood says:

    August 2019, possibly sooner. The plot is tricky. Thanks for the mention!

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