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Arkhaven is the new Castalia House imprint which will be responsible for publishing comics and graphic novel series like Alt★Hero, Alt★Hero Avalon, QUANTUM MORTIS, and Wodehouse, among others. It will be publishing in both digital and print editions, and we’re pleased to announce that the first Arkhaven digital comic is now available today: QUANTUM MORTIS A […]

We’re just about ready to proceed with our first print tests and we’ve already successfully constructed our first digital comic book, which is Quantum Mortis #1. We’re also very close to wrapping up the inkings on the first Alt★Hero and Avalon comics, so we should be in pretty good shape to hit our February time […]

Castalia House is pleased to announce that we’ll be introducing two comics imprints in 2018, Arkhaven and Dark Legion. Arkhaven will be the comics and graphic novels that we produce ourselves, while Dark Legion will be our vehicle for publishing comics and graphic novels produced by others. We’re continuing to make steady progress on Alt★Hero. We expect […]