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It’s Monday! Which can only mean one thing: DADDY WARPIG IS BACK TO WIN ENEMIES AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE! Now, I make people mad. (You may not have noticed.) But, really, this isn’t my fault. I’m such a polite and mild-mannered guy.

I’m a BOMB THROWING RADICAL, known for my relentless agitation against the pieties of the moribund mainstream Fantasy & Science Fiction genre. Today, my purpose is radically different: it’s time for some larnin’. That’s right, SCHOLAR Warpig has arrived. BRACE YOURSELVES FOR A DIRECT INJECTION OF KNOWLEDGE.

Daddy Warpig is IN DA HOUSE! Time to cause another riot. One of the strange side-effects of the last two years is that I’ve gotten to know a ton of editors and published writers, and get invited behind the scenes, as it were. And some of what I see is heartbreaking. “Is this okay to […]

The Girl With All The Gifts is crap. It’s worthless. It’s a big old pile of nihilist garbage. It’s a waste of your time and money, even if you get to see it for free. (See Opportunity Cost.) It’s so awful, it makes me angry. Now, I promised The-Powers-That-Be here at the blog that I […]

We know Sci-Fi is in the ICU, stabbed through the kidneys with a poisoned blade, barely clinging to life. Thanks to the brilliant work of yours truly, Doctor Warpig, we even know who shivved it with a shank. But how do we save it? Let the Doctor show you the way.

Welcome back, true believers! It’s time for Part Two of my magnum opus! Doctor Warpig is in the house, and it’s time to play Diagnose that Disease! Let’s start with eradicating some fuzzy wishful thinking. “Well, people just don’t read anymore!” Dan Brown argues otherwise. As does JK Rowling. Also Stephenie Meyer. Fact is, people […]

People complain that I only pick on Blue SF. Fair cop, especially as it’s not the only form of SF that damaged the genre. EVERY age after the Pulp-driven Golden Age did its part to drive the audience away, and put Science Fiction on life support. Silver Age: Removed heroics and adventure. Bronze Age: Removed […]

Suppose, at one point in time, Hollywood suddenly decided that the only fiction movies worth making were fictional documentaries—documentaries about events that never occurred. A little license was granted in what fictional events could be at the core, but after that ONLY STRICT REALISM. In specific, Action Movies were ABSOLUTELY VERBOTEN. And this decision was […]

Deadpool sucks. And not in a small way. It’s a repulsive pile of vomit that is nonetheless a very skillfully made movie. It’s notable not for any virtues to be found therein, but because it manages to make a cruel and brutal man into someone the audience genuinely roots for, genuinely cares for, and wants to see […]

There are two kinds of people in the world: the desperately lonely and benighted souls who drift through life unsatisfied and unhappy, and those who read Larry Correia. Larry isn’t part of the Pulp Revolution, and I’d bet money he’s never heard of Cirsova magazine (or even Appendix N), but his writing definitely prefigured the Pulp […]

Sometimes you go to get your truck back, and end up shaking the pillars of Heaven. Hey, it happens, even if you didn’t mean it to. It happened to me.

“Hard” Science Fiction DOES NOT EXIST. It’s a delusion. A phantasm. A phantasmagorical obsession of those who understand neither science nor fiction. It’s a lie Hard SF writers and audiences mutually agreed to, the original “consensual hallucination”.