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Last year, I wrote a post on the Fedogan & Bremer collection Frost by Donald Wandrei. That book collected the first eight stories with the plan for a second volume. Fedogan & Bremer went on hiatus with the second volume in limbo. Enter Haffner Press. Haffner Press has a history of publishing massive collections of […]

Donald Wandrei (1908-1987) is one of my favorite pulp magazine writers of fiction. He was a member of the Lovecraft Circle, wrote for Weird Tales and Astounding Stories, and co-founded the publisher Arkham House with August Derleth. He had started out writing weird poetry and had moved into writing prose. His weird and science fiction […]

If you are a fan of classic Weird Tales fiction, you will encounter poetry by the H. P. Lovecraft circle if you delve deep enough. Poetry was a part of “The Unique Magazine.” An average issue would contain two to three poems. If you bother looking at the poetry of the Lovecraft Circle, you will […]

Pulp Fiction (Haffner Press): THE COMPLETE IVY FROST Donald Wandrei Introduction by D. H. Olson Cover by Raymond Swanland Decorated Endsheets 18 Double-page Chris Kalb-designed Chapter Spreads 700+ pageSmythe-sewn HardcoverPre-Order price: $45   Cinema (Pulp Catholic): I’m reviewing the old MCU films in preparations for Infinity War. The Star Wars fiasco of this past Christmas has me very concerned for […]

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