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Ace Slamm: Space Bastard – Turn on a Dame will be the last story this reviewer reads from Pulp Nova. It’s clear after this third strike that James Desborough’s work is mired in fashionably modern nihilism and deconstructivism rather than a forward looking attempt to recapture the magic of the pulp era.  The grim and […]

James Desborough returns to his vision of pulp fiction with Stain – Dead and Gone, the story of a hard boiled detective called up from “administrative duty” to work a murder case that nobody wants solved.  Stane, the drunk with a disturbing tendency to wind up as the partner of a dead cop, is your […]

James Desborough continues his march through the genres featured in the pulps with this western tale.   The general plot is a classic so prevalent that it even makes an appearance in Toy Story: “Somebody poisoned the water hole!”  (That’s not a bad thing, the poisoned water hole is one of those themes that affords countless variations.)  Of […]

Pulp Nova represents James Desborough’s attempt to recapture the spirit of the Golden Age of Science-Fiction.  Written back in 2013, Desborough recognized even back then that the self-publishing made possible by changing technology was creating a publishing environment similar to that of the pulp era.  The easy cost of production gives free rein to writers […]

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