WARGAME WEDNESDAY: The Continuing Role of Manual Wargaming

Wednesday , 17, February 2016 1 Comment

There’s lots of cool stuff this week here…!

Brian Train will be giving a talk at the RAND Center for Gaming next week on “How can civilian wargames contribute to the development of professional wargames?”

At Inside GMT, Bob Seifert has pictures of an actual copy of Jim Krohn’s Talon— that’s the standalone tactical combat game for Space Empires 4x. (See here and here for more on the strategic game.)

While Napoleon is fighting the Prussians this week, Wargame Wednesday contributor Warren Abox is crossing the streams by combining Cirsova’s points on miniatures in D&D with my own stripped down approach to getting a GURPS session off the ground. (The great thing about having a game master is that you don’t even need all of the rules hammered out in order to dive in!)

Last but not least… PaxSims reports that the latest issue of Simulation & Gaming is out. Also, they have a video there by Professor Philip Sabin on the continuing role of manual wargaming. (Castalia House’s own Martin Van Creveld gets a shoutout at 8:58 for having written one of the very few books about wargames by a non-wargamer!)

Watch the whole thing!

PaxSims (Simulations)

Inside GMT (GMT Games)

Castalia House (Wargames)

Ludic Futurism (Brian Train)


War in a Box (Warren Abox)

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  • Talon has me very intrigued, and I’ll likely get it soon. Space game replacement for STAW, and a possible link to SE 4x. I played Kingmaker and Dune at a recent con and loved both.

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