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This week’s new releases features elemental mages, world-wide disappearances, future tech thieves, and the penultimate volume of Blood on the Stars. Descent into Darkness (Blood on the Stars #17) – Jay Allan Victory or Death. Tyler Barron and his associates are divided, split between two courses of action. Barron doesn’t believe in the desperate plan […]

Fiction (Easily Distracted): Year’s Best Horror Stories 1976 The Year’s Best Horror Stories: Series IV Edited by Gerald W. Page (1976 DAW) Lifeguard by Arthur Byron Cover:A sharp diamond of a story told in the first-person and saying what needs to be said about youth’s expiring ambitions, the narrow horizon of small town life, summertime, […]

I like my anthologies and author collections to have some sort of unifying theme. I am not a fan of anthologies just thrown together. If an author has written across several genre or several types of stories, I like the parts to fit together. There is one exception to that, the introductory collection if an […]

“I was trained in the arts of war by the finest military commanders in the empire.” “And I learned to fight in the sleaziest bars of the thieves’ world. Let’s get it on!” In 1997, Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser introduced the readers of the 2000 AD comics anthology to a future where Russia never […]

This week’s science fiction and fantasy new release list features arcane detectives, AI berserkers, cloned space rogues, and storm dragons. A.I. Armada (A.I. # 8) – Vaughn Heppner Years ago, Main 54’s brain-core had to flee his exploding planet-sized warship because of the treachery of Jon Hawkins. Later, Main 54 gained special processors, a new […]

On this week’s Superversive Livestream Ben Wheeler and I have a chat with Brian Niemeier, author of the popular Combat Frame X-Seed series and his new non-fiction book Don’t Give Money to People Who Hate You. Check it out!

Science Fiction ( Anyone who has played Traveller (or even just played with online character generation sites like this one) might have noticed that a surprising number of the characters one can generate are skilled with blades. This may see as an odd choice for a game like Traveller that is set in the 57th […]